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Halogen light bulbs are used because:

  • they can be operated at a higher temperature than can be used for ordinary light bulbs.

    This results in less heat production compared to light output and an overall much higher efficiency in the conversion of the energy which is input - electrical energy - to the energy which is output as visible light.


  • they have a significantly longer useful life than ordinary incandescent light bulbs.

Technical note

The invention of halogen lamps was based on the discovery of a special physical feature: when small amounts of a halogen gas were added to the contents of the light bulb, these were found to help to return large quantities of evaporated tungsten atoms back to the filament. This resulted in a significantly longer lifetime of such lamps.

General note about how all incandescent filament light bulbs operate

An electrical current travelling through the filament of a light bulb makes it glow white-hot and generate both light and heat because of the electrical resistance of the filament.

The filament is normally mounted within a special mixture of noble and/or inert gases held inside the glass enclosure of the light bulb, held at a pressure which is close to a vacuum.

The special mixture of gases prevents the filament from oxidizing and burning away, which would happen extremely quickly if it glowed white-hot in normal air which contains oxygen.

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Q: What is the purpose of a halogen light bulb?
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What type of gas is in a tungsten-halogen light bulb?

Halogen gas is in a Tungsten-Halogen Light Bulb.

Can dimmer switches be used with halogen lights?

. A halogen light bulb is very similar to an incandescent bulb. The Halogen bulb usually last a little longer and burn a little brighter. The Halogen bulb can be use with a dimmer.

How much does a halogen light bulb cost?

The cost of a halogen light bulb can vary in cost depending on the wattage of the bulb and the store it was purchased from. A bulb can range from $2.00 to over $10.00 per bulb.

What is a 60watt light bulb in halogen?

60 watts

What is the difference between incandescent light bulb and halogen light bulb?

The major difference between an incandescent bulb and a halogen bulb is the gases that each produces within its glass bulb. Incandescent bulbs fill with a mixture of 93 percent argon and seven percent nitrogen, while halogen bulbs adds a halogen gas, such as iodine or bromine. Halogen bulbs are more efficient compared to incandescent bulbs.

What size is a halogen bulb?

Halogen light bulbs are made in a variety of sizes to meet different needs.

What gas is a halogen filled with?

Halogen is a gas, so your question doesn't make much sense. If you're asking about a halogen (light) bulb, then the answer is: mainly halogen.

How can you tell when a halogen bulb is no good?

When you turn on the switch to the bulb and no light is emitted, the majority of the time, it is the bulb that is no good.

What is the difference between an incandescent and a halogen bulb?

All halogen bulbs are incandescent bulbs but not all incandescent bulbs are halogen bulbs! An incandescent bulb has a filament that heats up and gives off light. in the process, some of the filament evaporates. In addition a halogen bulb has halogen gas. When the bulb is turned off, the halogen gas returns atoms from the filament back to the filament. As a result the filament can last longer.

Could a light bulb make plastic melt?

a halogen 35 watt bulb - yes other bulb - probably

How long does a halogen light bulb last when compared to an incandescent bulb?

sometimes 10 times as long

Can you mix incandescent bulb with halogen bulb in same light fitting?

Yes, the halogen bulb would provide about 30% more brightness (lumens) for the same electric power rating. So 70 watt halogen is about equal to 90-100 watt incandescent.

Where can one purchase a halogen light bulb?

Halogen lamps are also known as quartz iodine lamps. Halogen light bulbs can be purchased at a number of hardware stores including Lowes and Home Depot.

When You Need Bright Light?

A halogen floor lamp with a 300 watt halogen bulb will illuminate a room from wall to wall. While a halogen bulb gives off very radiant, bright light, you must be very careful because it also gets tremendously hot.

Why isn't my Halogen light bulb coming out?

It is stuck and you need a professional electrician

How long does a halogen light bulb last for?

Any where from 3000-6000 hours :)

What light bulb uses the least energy - incandescent compact fluorescent or a halogen bulb?

Fluorescent by far.

What is isnside a light bulb?

There are several types of light bulb. A basic incandescent bulb will contain a tungsten filament, surrounded by a vacuum. Variations may have an inert gas inside the bulb, such as halogen.

What is the purpose of the electric light bulb?

The purpose of a lightbulb is to produce light.

Is a 360 watt 86 volt halogen light ac or DC?

A halogen bulb works equally well with AC or DC.

What is the difference between a metal halide lamp and a halogen lamp?

A halogen bulb is a traditional tungsten filament bulb filled with a noble gas that gives off a soft, yellowish light. In a metal halide bulb, the light emitted is bright white or even bluish. They have a longer life than halogen bulbs, but their brightness can diminish over time.

How do tungsten-halogen bulbs generate light?

Inside a tungsten-halogen bulb, electrons flow through a tungsten filament. The filament heats up and emits light.

What is the incandescent equivalent of a 40 Watt halogen bulb?

A halogen bulb IS ITSELF a type of incandescent illumination source. A 40 Watt traditional incandescent bulb usually emits about 400 to 500 lumens while a halogen may emit close to twice that. So a 25 W halogen might give out as much light as ah older style 40 W bulb.

Is the 300 watt halogen linear bulb economical?

It depends on your purpose whether or not it is economical. For some purposes, it is very good. If you are painting and want to see whether or not you need to repaint a particular area while you have your equipment there, it is extremely economical. It can save you big bucks from having to rent expensive equipment a second time. It also depends on what you are comparing the halogen bulb to for the purpose of light.

Do halogen bulbs save energy and money?

Halogen light bulbs are more efficient on energy and last twice as long as a regular light bulb thus saving you money. After researching several websites on energy it is stated that a regular light bulb costs $9.49 for 1460 hours of use whereas a halogen light for the same amount of hours costs $8.76.