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To store files and important data on your computer. Larger hard drives (250 gb) are used to store all the files on your computer in case it crashes or if its infected by a virus. Smaller ones are used to store and transfer files between different computers

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Q: What is the purpose of a hard disk?
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What are the purpose of a hard disk drive in a PC?

A hard disk drive is what is used for storage. So for things which need to be saved, they are saved onto the hard disk.

What is primary hard disk and secondary hard disk?

Primary hard disk is that kind of hard disk which system gives first preferences for booting and then second hard disk.

What is the purpose of d2d backup?

A d2d, also known as a disk-to-disk, is where a computer hard drive is backed up to another hard disk rather than a tape or a floppy. It allows for higher speed and higher capacity.

What is the purpose of SCSI and RAID adapters?

to connect storage devices such as hard disk drives to a PC

What do you mean by sata hard disk?

Hard Disk that has Sata Cable and has a smaller jeck than normal Hard disk is called Sata Hard Disk

What is a hard disk and its examples?

hard disk examples

How many types of hard disk?

There are two types of Hard disk. 1:Sea gate disk 2:SATA Hard disk

What is the history of hard disk and the inventor of hard disk?

The history of hard disk is that, hard disk is invented in 1950's that time hard disk size is 20 inche's maximum the name of hard disk inventer is "REY JOHNSON" by the help of IBM team. ""BILAWAL ABBAS""

Purpose of scandisk?

The purpose of scandisk in Microsoft Windows is to detect problems with the hard disk. It is run through the DOS shell with the graphical interface.

What are the five types of disk drives?

IDE hard disk, SCSI hard disk, SATA hard disk, External hard disk, it is also differ by RPM speed for the HADD. I hope that helpes.

What type of hard disk?

there are 2 type of hard disk 1)internal hard disk 2)external hard disk there are 5 kind of hard disk in each hard disk 1)ATA 2)firewire 3)SCSI 4)RAID 5)fibre channel

How many different HDD?

1. IDE Hard Disk 2. SATA Hard Disk 3. SCSI Hard Disk 4. Ultra SCSI Hard Disk

What does a hard disk do?

A Hard disk or even a hard drive stores information.

Who invented hard disk mirroring?

who invented hard disk?

Is a hard disk magnetic or optical?

A hard disk is magnetic.

What is the other name for hard disk in architecture?

It is also known as Hard Drive, Disk Drive, Or Hard Disk Drive.

What is the role of a hard disk drive platter?

The hard disk drive platter is used to store magnetic data or information that comes from the hard disk drive, where they are stored. The hard disk drive can contain one or more hard disk platter.

Difference between hard disk drive and magnetic disk?

A hard drive is a form of magnetic disk.

What is the difference between hard disk and hard disk drive?

A hard disk drive is the motor and controller of the hard disk, which is the set of platters and spindle. Various users will use these terms in different or identical ways. Technically the disk is just the aluminium or glass disk that is coated with a magnetic surface. But all the computer guys I know equate the terms hard disk with hard disk drive.

What is hard disk also known as?

* Hard disk drive * Hard drive * HDD

What are the different types of computer hard disk drives?


What is the purpose of HDD?

HDD stands for Hard drive disk. The HDD is what all your files are saved to. It a double sided disk that is build to be read at extremely high speeds.

What is another word for hard drive?

HDD (Hard drive disk) or disk drive

What is mp in hard disk camcorder?

What is mp in hard disk camcorder?

Which has maximum space storage ROM or hard disk?

hard disk