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TemperatureThermometers measure temperature, as opposed to heat. Temperature is an intensive property of matter, whereas heat is an extensive one. The Arctic Ocean has more heat than a boiling teapot of water, even though the latter's temperature is much higher, because extensive properties depend upon the amount of stuff you have. Specifically, thermometers measure temperature, which is the speed of particles. The faster the particles in a substance move, the higher the temperature. Slower moving particles have a lower temperature.
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Q: What is the purpose of a thermometer?
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Related questions

What is the purpose of using a thermometer?

A thermometer is for measuring temperature.

What is the purpose of a constriction in a thermometer?

measture a tempreture

What is the purpose of a Thermometer ring stand holder?

A thermometer ring stand holder holds a thermometer in place to measure a specific thing without moving the thermometer.

What is the purpose of temperature gauges?

The purpose of temperature gauges is to measure temperatures. Temperature gauges are typically used in place of a thermometer when thermometer's are too fragile.

What is the purpose of hanging a thermometer outside?

The purpose of hanging a thermometer outside is to determine outdoor temperature near one's home. Due to the erratic weather reports, people have chosen to determine their own temperature by hanging a thermometer outside.

What is the difference between a heat thermometer and a regular thermometer?

There is no difference between a heat thermometer and a regular thermometer. A thermometer measures the average kinetic energy of something, also known as heat. A thermometer's purpose is to measure heat, so a regular thermometer is the exact same thing as a regular thermometer, just with different names.

What is digital thermometer?

the special purpose digital voltmeter are devloped for measurement of temperatur. They are called as the digital thermometer .

What is the purpose of a temperature gauge?

To measure temperature. A gauge can be used instead of a thermometer, and is generally used in industry where a thermometer might be too fragile

What is the purpose of the thermometer?

to measure the temp. inside or out side or in/on any thing

For which purpose clinical thermometer is used?

To measure the temperature of human body.

How is thermometer useful in future purpose?

it is very useful to check out our temperature...................................M.S

What is the purpose of a dual scale thermometer?

Some people want to measure temperature in deg C while others prefer deg F. A dual scale thermometer will allow people to do what they prefer, but using only one thermometer.

What is the purpose of Mercury in a Thermometer?

to see what is the temperature The mercury expands or contracts depending on the temperature so its height against the scale on the thermometer tells you the temperature.

Was the thermometer invented on purpose or by accident?

no it was not made by accident. it was made by daniel gabriel fahrenheit. he wanted to make something to measure how hot or cold it is in a specific area. that is how the thermometer was invented.

What is the purpose of a clinical thermometer?

A clinical thermometer is used to measure the body temperature. It is usually placed under the tongue, armpit, or rectum. Under the tongue is normally where it's placed.

What is the purpose of a grill thermometer?

A grill thermometer measures the internal temperature of the grill. This allows one to know when the grill is ready for placing items on the grill and when it is time take items off of the grill.

Why is the glass of a thermometer so thin?

Glass is a bad conductor of heat, it has to be thin. So that heat should eventually pass to the mercury. And for that purpose we have to keep thermometer for at least two minutes in position.

Resistance thermometer purpose of the device?

they are devices used to measure the temperature, applying the temperature to RTD element. they are sensory devices.

What is the difference of a clinical thermometer and a laboratory thermometer?

Clinical Thermometer -To measure the body temperature, a special thermometer, called the clinical thermometer is used. -This thermometer has to be given sharp jerk after measuring the thermometer. -In 1866 Sir Thomas_Clifford_Allbutt invented the clinical thermometer, Laboratory thermometer -This thermometer is generally used in laboratories for measuring temperature. -This thermometer does not has to be given sharp jerk after measuring the thermometer. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

What are the different kinds of thermometer?

Alcohol thermometerBeckmann differential thermometerBi-metal mechanical thermometerElectrical resistance thermometerGalileo thermometerInfrared thermometerLiquid Crystal ThermometerMedical thermometer (e.g. oral thermometer, rectal thermometer, basal thermometer)Mercury-in-glass thermometerReversing thermometerSilicon bandgap temperature sensorSix's thermometer- also known as a Maximum minimum thermometerThermistorThermocoupleCoulomb blockade thermometerPill Thermometerconventional glass thermometerdigital thermometertympanic thermometerBulb thermometerBaby thermometerIndoor thermometerOutdoor thermometerMeat and candy thermometerEar thermometerthermometer refrigeratorthermometer oventhermometer furnacegarden thermometerClinical ThermometerThermometer ForkLaboratory thermometersMedical thermometer

Origin of the word thermometer?


What is the purpose of using a thermometer when cooking?

Meats require a certain internal temperature, depending on the meat, to determine doneness and being safe to eat.

What is the purpose for an ER Thermometer?

Like all other vital signs, an ER thermometer estabilishes a baseline temp. It also helps to identify and measure the presence of fever, and thereby indicate the possibilty of an infection somewhere in the body. In hypothermia cases, the ER Thermometer measues body temp which will then guide the specific treatment measures used to re-warm the body.

What are the types of thermometers?

Alcohol thermometer Beckmann differential thermometer Bi-metal mechanical thermometer Electrical resistance thermometer Galileo thermometer Infrared thermometer Liquid Crystal Thermometer Medical thermometer (e.g. oral thermometer, rectal thermometer, basal thermometer) Mercury-in-glass thermometer Reversing thermometer Silicon bandgap temperature sensor Six's thermometer- also known as a Maximum minimum thermometer Thermistor Thermocouple Coulomb blockade thermometer Digital thermometer Oven cord thermometer Oven thermometer

Is there a suffix in the word thermometer?

Words inside thermometer