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What is the purpose of laminating an iron core in transformers?

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The reason we laminate the iron cores in Transformers is because we want to limit what are called eddy currents. Transformers are basically two coils of wire wrapped around a core of iron. They work by induction. Induction occurs when current flows in one conductor (or one set of windings in the transformer) and the magnetic field that forms around that conductor (that set of windings) sweeps the other conductor (the other set of windings) and induces a voltage. In order to increase the effectiveness of the transformer, we need to improve the way the magnetic fields are coupled from one set of windings to the other set. Iron conducts magnetic lines of force well, so we use that to help conduct the magnetic lines of force from coil A to coil B. Problem is, iron is also a conductor, and it's being swept by the magnetic field as well. If we didn't use laminations, the iron core would provide a place for the magnetic lines to produce (induce) current, and that current flowing in the core would heat the core up really fast and waste energy. By laminating the cores, we break up the current paths within that core and limit eddy currents.

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Does a laminated iron core increase eddy current losses?

No, the purpose of laminating the core is to reduceeddy-current losses.

What are the purpose of laminating a transformer?

The reason we laminate the iron cores in transformers is because we want to limit what are called eddy currents.

Why is it that the soft-iron core in transformers laminated?

Ambot lang.

Why is energy lost in transformers?

Some energy is lost in most machines, in most energy transformations. In the case of transformers, the main problem is eddy currents - unwanted currents, that are minimized, but not eliminated completely, by laminating the iron.

Why is the magnetic core laminaled?

The iron core of transformers is laminated to reduce eddy currents, which cause a loss of energy.

What makes soft iron a suitable core for transformers?

Low hysterisis loss and high permeability

What is the difference of 50 and 60 hz?

besides 10 numerical difference there is the transformers iron core of to be considered it will take more iron for the same current to keep it from saturating.

Can you able to use plastic instead of iron core in transformers?

It is because if we use a plastic as a core of the transformer then induced emf can to be produced also generated heat will damage the plastic .

What is the purpose of using an iron core in transformers?

1. provide a frame to fix the primary and secondary coil in place. 2.allow magnetic flux to flow across. 3.acts as temporary ferromagnet which amplifies magnitude of flux.

Why you use only iron core in transformers?

iron has high permeabiliy than others and also less leakageAnswerGenerally speaking, transformer cores are manufactured from laminated sheets of silicon steel, not iron.

What is an iron core inductor?

what is iron core inductors

Why transformes are rated in kVA?

Transformers are rated in KVA because voltage refers to iron loss or core loss and ampererefers to copper loss.iron loss or core loss are of two type1) Hysteresis losses2) Eddy current losses

What is the purpose of the soft iron core used in making an electromagnet?

The purpose is to enhance the magnetic field - to make it stronger - compared to just using air.

What is in the core of the earth?

The inner core is mainly solid iron, with a liquid iron outer core.

Why do you need varnish in transformers?

A: The iron on a typical transformer is made up by adding iron leaves to the core. These leaves will vibrate if held loosely by a screw which add to eddy current. to stop the vibration varnish is applied to keep the leaves of iron coherent

Why is soft iron named as soft iron?

Soft iron does not retain magnetism. It can be magnetised and demagnetised quickly and easily. Used as a core for transformers. 'Soft' probably relates to it's submission, when exposed to magnetism. It 'gives in' without too much fuss.

Does Mercury have a solid iron core?

mercury does have a solid iron core.

What planet has an iron and nickel core?

Venus has a iron and nickel core.

What is in Mercury's core?

it has an iron core

Where is the Iron core located in the earth?

You have already answered your own question. The: "Iron Core" is the... Core. And the... Core is located in the center of the Earth.

How do geologists know that the Earth's core is made of iron?

the core is made from iron.

Does iron hide get revived in transformers 3?


Is the sun's core made of iron and nickel?

No. The SUN's core is Hydrogen and Helium. The EARTH's core is Iron and Nickel.

Does Mars have an iron core?

yes it has a Iron core almost 3,000 yards long

What is the liquid iron core?

The core of Earth