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It protects the Mollusk, can be used as a tool to move or open objects, adn can be used for camoflouge adn even sold in sores or collected.

to protect the creatures within them. otherwise, thiere isn't really a purpose. there just shells; parts of animals

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What is the collective noun for seashells?

That would be seashells.

What is the correct spelling of seashells?

The correct spelling is seashells. An example sentence would be "there are plenty of seashells on the beach".

Did Sally sell seashells at the seashore?

Sally sold seashells at the seashore, she sold me seven seashells she had a store.

Do whales grow with seashells?

No whales do not grow with seashells

How do seashells reproduce?

seashells don't reproduce, the animal live in them do. diffrent kind of seashells has its own way of reproducing.

Do you have any facts about seashells?

yes seashells are common on beaches

What is the best glue for seashells?

Epoxy is the best glue for seashells.

How do you desolve calcium on seashells?

You put the seashells in a cup of vinegar

What is good morning in seashells language?

There is no such thing as seashells language.

What shapes are seashells?

Seashells come in all sorts of shapes.

How are seashells made?

seashells are made by rocks rubbing together

How do seashells get their shape?

Seashells get their shapes naturally. The animals that live in the seashells are the ones that make the designs and shapes o f the shell.

Give 2 examples of alliteration?

shirleys seashells seashells on the seashore

Is there any country in the name ''seashells''?

sea shell island

What clever tricks might seashells do to survive?

seashells are already dead

When was Champagne in Seashells created?

Champagne in Seashells was created on 2009-09-21.

Are seashells interesting?

seashells are interesting! I just love them! they're all kwl and stuff

Can seashells dissolve in water?

Seashells will only dissolve in water if the water becames acidic.

What is a good website for identify seashells?

A good site to identify seashells is or

What are the release dates for Seashells - 2014?

Seashells - 2014 was released on: USA: 2014

Are seashells rocks?

seashells are rocks. this would be because seashells are made out of minerals and formed by some of the same things as rocks. if you looked close enough at certain shells then you would see that seashells are alike with certain kinds and shapes of rocks.

What is the collective noun for sea shells?

There is no collective noun specifically for sea shells. A general collective can be used, such as a group of seashells, a box of seashells, a collection of seashells, etc.

Do seashells have carbon?


Are seashells rock?

No- they were secreted by a living organism. sometimes seashells have become PART of rock- limestone.

What is the job of seashells on the beach?

Seashells are not alive, so they do not have a job they just sit there on the beach and do nothing.

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