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All showers need valves. They can be for the water supply, balancing the water and control of the shower. Without the valves, your shower will leak, causing damage to the surrounding areas.


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Some shower valves have integral stops which can be accessed by removing the trim plate. Most shower valves don't have these and the water is shut off by turning off the main valve to the house or apartment.

This depends on what exactly you want to control and where.

One or both of the valves does`nt hold anymore and need replacing.

The purpose of the curved shower rod is to increase the amount of space inside the shower.

The purpose of a camshaft is to open and close the intake and exaust valves.

Thermostatic shower valves are one of the most expensive parts of a shower. The current retail price for a standard one averages between $200 and $250.

your semi lunar valves stop slop from entering your left aorta and your lunar valves stop crud from entering your right ventricle. this is the purpose of your valves. but this is different in dogs as your septum helps fight against testicular torsion.

Wearing a shower cap is something that is just a personal decision. The purpose of a shower cap is to keep ones hair dry when in the shower. Often people do not wash hair every day and by wearing a shower cap it protects the hair from getting wet in the shower and less difficult to style.

bathroom fixtures names are bathtubs, toilets, vanity tops, sinks, faucets, lavatories, lavs, faucets, shower valves, shower heads, shower doors.

Many tub/shower valves are designed to be used either as a tub only or as a tub-shower combo. You will note that the valves have inlets on the sides for the hot & cold water supply, and outlets top and bottom for directing water either to the tub or diverted to the shower head. By plugging the bottom outlet with the appropriate plug and either soldering or wrapping the threads with teflon tape, the valve directs the water to the shower head.

Yes, there are fittings made for just that purpose.

The valves on a brass instrument help the sound go higher or lower.

Its purpose is to open the right valves at the right times.

The source of water into a home has no bearing on the shower temperature. - This is caused or changed by the water heater and any piping and valves between heater and the shower. The fact of the well being source of the water is totally irrelevant in this case.The source of water into a home has no bearing on the shower temperature. - This is caused or changed by the water heater and any piping and valves between heater and the shower. The fact of the well being source of the water is totally irrelevant in this case.

Buy to shower valves and install them so they are on opposite side walls or if you have a existing shower with one valve then the easiest way is to take out your old shower head and replace it by buying a chrome wye fitting that with two chrome nipples you can install to shower heads another way is by buying 3 chrome nipples and one chrome T and two chrome male by female IPS 90 and thread them into the the T and then you have room for two shower heads and they can be put side by side. The best way is to have two shower valves & shower heads, depending on your water supply and how you run your water pipes to the valves, most likely you will increase your water flow if not almost double and make sure you have at least a 2" drain & trap.

Usually only toilets and sinks have shut-off valves.

The same height as the normal western shower valves, this is why they are yellow, they can't show because they can't reach the valve.

The purpose of a cylinder head is to safely house the exhaust. It also has the purpose of housing the intake valves and the fuel injectors.

Pneumatic valves are used to close valves in high-speed internal combustion engines, pneumatic valves are mostly to help racing engines to get to high speeds.

Be aware that for the first few minutes after turning off you will get the shower head leak a little. This is because the shower head has a large cavity inside that fills up with water in use. When you turn off, that water has to go somewhere, so it dribbles through the outlets of the shower head. If both shower heads are off no water should be going to your shower head. the only thing it could be is your shower valve itself. you probably have a pinhole in one of your o rings on the valve stem. try replacing the valve stems. I would start by replacing all the washers and o-rings on the hot and cold valves ( a lot cheaper than replacing the entire valve stem ). Try replacing the Valves, and then the pipe holders, (for want of a better word) to the wall. The shower diverter has a bad seal - very easy to replace.

Valves are present in heart are used to prevent backflow of blood in heart due to reduce in pressure in atrium.

We need valves (thin, flap-like structures attached to the heart walls) so that it can stop the blood from flowing backwards.

The purpose is to allow the ingress of air (or air/fuel mixture) into the cylinder at the correct time in the engines cycle

Cotton gets wet. By the end of your shower, a cotton curtain would be drenched and would fail to serve its purpose.

The valve stops blood flowing back into the heart.

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