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to protect the island

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What are the statues at Easter Island for?

The Easter Island statues are statues of the Gods of the natives who lived there.

What are the statues on Easter egg island?

moai statues

How many statues are on Easter Island?

about 800 large statues

How many statues are left on Easter Island?

There are 887 statues

Where are the moai statues?

Easter island.

What is the name for Easter Island statues?

Moai, or mo'ai are the name of the Easter Island statues. The statues were carved by the Polynesian colonizers of the island, mostly between circa 1250 AD and 1500 Ad.

Where is Easter island statues located?

They are located on Easter Island, in the southeastern Pacific Ocean. Easter Island is a property of Chile.

Where did the Easter Island people go?

people in Easter Island went to the 900 statues

How many moai statues are there on Easter Island?

887 Moai Statues

On which Chilean island are the huge stone statues?

Easter Island

What are the Easter Island statues called?


How many statues on Easter Island?

There are 887

Where is the moai statues located at?

Easter Island

Did the Incas built the statues on Easter Island?

No. The Incan empire was in Chile and Argentina; not Easter Island

How has the Easter Island made the world more interesting?

Easter Island has giant head statues, which are unique to the island.

What happen to the people of Easter Island?

The island of Easter Island gets its name as the people who discovered the island found it on a Easter Sunday. Now Easter island has no trees only big statues.

How old are the statues of Easter Island?

700 years

How many statues are there on Easter Island?

Exactly 887

How many Easter Island statues were made?

There are 887

Where the moving statues of Easter Island excavated?


How big are the statues at Easter Island?

About head sized

How tall are the Easter Island statues?

The Easter Islands head statues are referred to as moai, and there are 887 of them on the island. They are, on average, 13 feet tall and weigh 14 tons.

Who made the maio statues?

The Moai statues were made by Polynesian settlers on Easter Island.

Easter Island is known for its?

Easter Island most famous features are its enormous stone statues called ''moai.''

Who formed the statues of Easter Island?

The natives to the island, who came from the polynesian islands.