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HDMI cables allow a single plug to connect items to the HDTV and to sync up with it. The items can be any of the following kind of items, Home Theater, game console, blu-ray player, DVD player/ recorder, HD cable box, Camera, Photo Frame, etc

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What do I do with HDMI Cables?

You can connect your DVD player, laptop or console to your television by using HDMI cables for high definition.

What is the purpose of HDMI cables?

To connect Blu-Ray players to HDTVs. HDMI cables are the only types of media cables that can display full HD resolution HDMi cables are used to connect video devices to screens and monitors. They offer a much higher sound and picture quality than standard cables.

Are DVI cables better than HDMI cables?

DVI cables and HDMI carry the same video quality, HDMI however can pass audio.

Are HDMI cables included with the Samsung T260HD Monitor?

No. You will have to buy the HDMI cables seperate.

Where can I find information in HDMI cables?

HDMI cables provide the best quality video and audio since there is no analog to digital conversion. They are also easy to use because you only need one cable as to using multiple cables. For more information on HDMI cables, try http://www.hdmi.org/learningcenter/faq.aspx

Do HDMI cables make a difference on a standard TV?

No. HDMI cables will need an HDMI input and only HD capable TVs will have them.

Can ps3 HDMI cables work with a ps2?

no PS2 does not have a HDMI

Should you use HDMI cables if you do not have HD?

HDMI cables have not ports in a non hd tv so no you should not use them

Why do people say instead of using component cables they use HDMI and if you are using HDMI does that mean you dont plug in the component cables for xbox 360 thank you?

Yes it does. An HDMI cable has a single plug on each end and connects to the Back of a device and the back of the HDTV They work for more than the Xbox 360 and are also used to connect a PS3 and many other devices to a HDTV. My Camera, Cable Box, and PS3 all connect to my HDTV with HDMI cables

Why doesn't your HDMI cord not work for your ps3?

You have to configure it using the a/v cables first on the settings in the xmb

Do I need HDMI Cables for my HDTV, or can I use the component cables that came with my HD cable box?

You don't need HDMI cables for an HD signal, but if you want to get maximum resolution for your tv (1080 p) you do. The short answer is no, you do not need HDMI Cables just to get an HD signal. BUT HDMI cables transfer the higher-resolution images at a faster rate, giving you a much better picture.

What is the use of HDMI ports?

they are for HDMI cables which are used for HDMI compatible devices such as blu-ray players.

Can you connect hdmi cable to PS-2?

HDMI cables are for the PS3

What are some of the best brands of cables for connecting my XBox to my HDTV?

Any Hdmi cable can be used to connect your Xbox to your Hdtv. However you can purchase cables both component and Hdmi made be Microsoft for connecting your system other manufacturers of Hdmi cables include Monster cables and Sony.

What is the purpose of a HDMI to VGA Cable?

These cables would work in a device that has a "double-duty", HDMI output jack. HDMI and VGA Cable cannot connect to each other without active circuitry doing A/D or D/A connection.

Is there a reason to pay a lot for an HDMI cable?

No, all HDMI cables are created equal and will give you the same high-definition quality regardless of price and there are many inexpensive HDMI cables; there is no reason to pay a lot for an HDMI cable.

Do all HDMI cables have 19 pins?

Yes, both the full-size and mini-HDMI cables have 19 pins. Unlike DVI cables who may omit pins if they are a single-link, analog only or digital only, all HDMI approved cables must have 19 pins.

Does ps3 slim come with HDMI cables?

No they do not, they come with A/V cables for 480i

Can you use an HDMI cable for any system?

Yes all hdmi cables are the same

What is the best audio cable for a computer?

HDMI cables are best for computers with HDMI capabilities.

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