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Blockbuster online does not have a monthly fee like Netflix does. Netflix offers movies, pretty much the same movies as Blockbuster Online, but while using Netflix you have to pay a monthly fee. Also, when using the Blockbuster Online tool you can have newer movies unlike the Netflix where the movies you can get are generally 6-8 months old before you can get them.

2011-07-20 18:47:25
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Q: What is the quality of Blockbuster Online as compared to similar or competing services such as Netflix?
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Where can someone find reviews for Netflix vs Blockbuster?

Online reviews are easily accessible for both of these services. A few places to begin the search include hubpages, techradar, and moneycrashers. Blockbuster and Netflix are competing companies who both still offer discs to watch movies.

Why is blockbuster going out of business?

Blockbuster is going out of business because of competing companies such as netflix and red box. These companies cost a lot less to rent movies at prices that no one could say no to.

Why are blockbuster and Netflix in war?

Because They Have The Same Services, It Makes IT Harder For Each Of Them, Netflix Puts Pressure On Block Buster, and Vise-Versa

Is Netflix or Blockbuster Online better?

Not Netflix (has to wait 56 days for new releases), Blockbuster has a better selection than netlflix and blockbuster always gets new releases before redbox and netflix.

How is Netflix different than Blockbuster Online?

Netflix is different from Blockbuster Online in that they have more movies for streaming and tv shows on streaming and they get movies to the house quicker than Blockbuster.

What is the cheapest you can get twilight the movie?

Get it on netflix or at blockbuster

How does Blockbuster online compare to Netflix?

Blockbuster does not compare to Netflix. Blockbuster got a late start in the market and Netflix has had a lot of time to build a great customer base and to partner with studios and production companies in order to provide more movies and television shows and offer them ahead of regular release times.

Why did blockbuster do DVD by mail?

Blockbuster began to do DVD by mail to try to keep up with competitors such as Redbox and Netflix.

Netflix or blockbuster online?

Netflix only allows you to take out 1 or 2 movies at a time and you must wait weeks to return them and get new ones. Blockbuster Online allows you to get movies delivered to you and return them to your local blockbuster if you dont wanna wait for new ones. Blockbuster Online is my choice.

Where are you going to find the movie of A Christmas Carol?

netflix, if you dont have netflix try redbox, blockbuster, etc

Does Netflix let people rent video games?

No, netflix only rents movies, only blockbuster, redbox, and gamefly has videogames not netflix.

Where can one download the movie Transporter 1?

There is no where you can legally download Transporter 1 for free you. Although, with services like Netflix and Blockbuster you can stream it for a low monthly fee.

Is blockbuster online better than Netflix?

Netflix offers more subscription options and has more movies, but blockbuster has a local option, also online subscription options has more movies online and instore options, blu-ray and video games at no extra cost and anytime you exchange a online dvd you get a free rental from blockbuster in store. Blockbuster is better than netflix and you don't have to wait for new releases.

Were can you find the sweet home Alabama movie?

NETFLIX or your nearest Blockbuster.

Where can you rent titanic 2?

almost any were :netflix,redbox,blockbuster

How do rent video games on Netflix?

You can't rent video games on Netflix, but you can rent them from Blockbuster online if that's helpful. :)

Where can you rent the princess protection program?

I may not be a movie expert but the answer is netflix or blockbuster.

Where can you find site that you can watch movies on?

Netflix, Blockbuster-On-Demand, Hulu Google It

Where does new episodes of How i Met What if your Mother are?

on the Internet on youtube, netflix, the u, or at the blockbuster

Does blockbuster online have a lot of online competition?

Yes, there are many other competitive online movie rental services. These include Netflix, Intelliflix, Cinema Now, idvdrentals and many more.

Where can one rent Tarantino movies?

One can rent Tarantino movies from many different stores that provide movie rental services. Some examples of these stores Netflix, Blockbuster, and RedBox.

Who has the most movies to select from blockbuster or netflix?

Both Netflix and Blockbuster have nearly everything that has been released. I don't think it matters if you're looking for a certain movie, I'm sure both will have it. It just depends on whether there's a waiting list to receive the movie or not.

Most rented movie of all time?

The Shawshank Redemption.. According to Blockbuster and Netflix.

Where to rent a sonic x DVD?

You can rent Sonic X DVDs at Blockbuster and Netflix.

When does Dexter season 3 come to blockbuster?

It will be available on Netflix August 18, 2009!