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What is the quarter mile time for a stock 2001 Honda prelude automatic?

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18.8, and a stock 2001 camaro v8? well, alot better

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How do you reset an alarm on Honda Prelude?

More information is needed on it a stock Honda alarm? What year (or generation) Prelude is it for?

What is the spark plug gap on a 1998 Honda Prelude?

.044 for stock h22

What motor came stock in a 1990 Honda Prelude si?

the B21A 2.05ltr

How much horsepower does a Honda prelude have?

Are you talking a stock motor and what year is the car and what motor does it have in it

What is the wheel size for 1991 honda prelude?

They're 14x5.5 (4x100 bolt pattern) stock.

Does an 86 Honda Prelude have a stock air bag?

As in SRS airbag? I'm going to say with reasonable certainty no as my 91 had no airbag.

How much will it cost for struts for a 2000 Honda Prelude?

You could find stock (OEM) struts for a 1997-2001 Honda Prelude anywhere from $40 upwards to $100 (in USD) a strut. Online is typically more inexpensive, but if you need to get a strut right away, you may be able to get one on-hand at a Honda dealership or an auto parts store.

What's the best engine for a 1994 Honda Accord?

definitely the h22 engine from it's older brother prelude. is the best engine with 200hp stock. most of the people who have done that says that the prelude engine H22A1 will fit direct bolt in in any 90-97 Honda accord engine bay.

Well a vtech motor from 97 Honda prelude fit regtrany from 2000 Honda civic?

The 97 Honda Prelude motor (h22a) will fit into a 2000 civic with custom mounts (available to purchase online), however you will need the h22a transmission, shift-linkage, axles, and ecu (full swap). The h22a motor will not work with the stock d-series transmission.

How do you remove a stock radio from a 1989 Honda Prelude?

my 88 2.0 si radio was bolted in from the back and sides. start taking apart the console and get behind it to unbolt it

How much horsepower for Honda Prelude si?

160 hp stock if it's 4th Generation (1992-1996). Any models other than that I don't know.

What is the quarter mile time for a stock 94 automatic integra?

probably around 14-15 sec at 85-95 mph

Is it possible to change a manual transmission in a 2004 Honda civic to a automatic?

Yes, you'd have to find the stock automatic transmission for your year and engine size, the stock automatic brake pedal assembly, and miscellaneous small things like transmission fluid, the transmission dipstick tube, linkages, etc.

How do you get better mpg on a Honda Prelude?

You can do things such as fill up better, higher octane fuel, change the air filter from stock to an afternarket filter, using fuel additives, or changing your stock intake itself to an aftermarket intake.

What kind of motor comes stock in 1991 prelude si?

Depends, I know they have 2.0 and 2.1 for the 91 prelude.

How much horsepower does a stock Honda Prelude have?

standard VTEC models have between 185 and 195 BHP with non VTEC modesl having less depending upon engine size

What is quarter mile time for stock 5.3L silverado short box?

Ive found it to be between 16.9 and 17.1 with an automatic extented cab, depending on the start.

What is the stock bore size for a 2001 Honda cr250?

what is the stock bore size for a 2001 honda cr 250r

Who should stock an automatic external defibrillator?

There are specific companies that would stock automatic external defibrillators. Companies that stock these defibrillators would include AED Professionals.

What is the top speed of d15 engine?

I was running a d15b engine in a 1989 Honda civic with an automatic transmission. It was completely bone stock and I would top of at 125~ mph.

How fast does a stock 2000 trans am in a quarter of a mile?

Stock 13.80

Do all Honda Civic's come stock with spoilers?

Many Honda Civics come stock with rear spoilers, but the older and cheaper Honda Civics will not come stock with rear spoilers because they were not invented back then.

How fast is a stock Acura Integra in a quarter mile?

stock it would run like a 14.3 on quarter mile at about 87 mph

1991 Nissan 300zx na stock and your friend has a 1999 Honda prelude with v-tech his car is faster on take off will your car overcome that Honda in the quarter mile.?

Ok it depends if both cars are five speed or atoumatic. If five speeds the prelude will have a little jump on the z but when the lag from take off ends the z should be in front. One thing about the prelude is they have a higher tach limit than the z but the z is also v6 and the prelude hast v-tech with helps alot i had a 94 twin turbo z with a jdm engine and custom turbos and enginge rebuilt and bored and i could give vetts a run for there money. Z's have a tendency for the rear end to drop in the back wich eleminates some wheel spin. I was pushing 410hp our of my car and had the turbos turned down. But I have been beat by a prelude and 99 but it was fixed up beyond the budget i had.

What is the stock tire size for a 2004 Honda Civic lx?

195/60R15 are the stock size tires on my 2004 Honda Civic.