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excercise and diet

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Q: What is the quickest and safest way to lose weight for someone who is 5'3 and weighs 183?
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What is the quickest and safest way to lose weight for someone 5'3 and 250?

As for me I was able to loose 50 pounds within a month by the help of this method below please check it out

What is the weight of someone who weighs 170 kilos in pounds?

Its actually 374.785845 pounds.

What is the normal penis length for someone who weighs 85 pounds?

Penis length has nothing to do with weight.

If you had to lose 4 pounds before weightlifting district weigh-in in two weeks what is the quickest and safest way you would do it?

The normal safest amount of weight to lose is 1 pound per week, but 4 pounds is attainable provided you aren't extremely close to your target weight anyway. I don't recommend diuretics. Reduce your caloric intake slightly and exercise as usual, or if you don't exercise, get started!

If someone was wanting to lose weight and wanted to burn fat fast where would someone find information on how to?

It is really important when embarking on a weight loss programme to talk to your doctor first, especially if you have a lot of weight to lose. They will advise you on the best and, most importantly, safest way to lose weight and burn fat.

How is weight different from massAND how is weight measured?

weight is measured by how much gravity is pushing down on you. weight is different from mass because mass is how much room you take up. weight is how much something or someone weighs.

Is a heavy weight more experienced than feather weights?

no, a heavyweight is someone who weighs more than 200 pounds hence the name "heavy"weight.

What is the average weight for someone 5'5 feet?

the average weight is about 110 to 130 i have a friend who is 5"5 and ways 150 but only looks like she weighs 110

You are a wrestler 140 lbs you need to cut only 5 to 10 lbs what is the quickest and easiest way?

The quickest and easiest way to cut 5 to 10 pounds when you are a wrestler who weighs 140 pounds is by sweating the weight off. Just wrap yourself in heavy clothing and head somewhere hot to do some jogging.

How can you lose weight before getting married?

go on the cambridge diet which is the quickest weight loss in the whole world

How do you reword a sentence?

if one wants to lose weight quickest way to lose weight, which for some may be starvation.

What is the quickest and safest way to lose weight?

The quickest AND safest way to lose weight, medically, is to set your goal at 2 pounds per month (due to the fact that faster weight loss prompts your body to seek calories, as the hormonal systems cannot reset quickly enough for the weight to be KEPT off). This involves cutting out simple sugars (sweets), processed foods, saturated fats, and limiting calories (e.g. 1,800 to 2,000 calories per day), along with a gradual increase in walking exercise (and no eating after 8 p.m.). The quickest way to lose weight, surgically, is via lap band procedures or gastric bypass procedures. This entails more risk, and requires careful nutrition (to minimize the risk of malnutrition) after the stomach has been "shrunken down". Frequent small feedings, six times per day, is the norm - since large meals distend the stomach and defeat the purpose of the procedure in the first place.

What is an example of weight?

an example of weight is how much something weighs.

Marie weighs 90 pounds, Alice weighs 70 pounds, and Josephine weighs 110 pounds. What is their average weight in pounds?

90 pounds is the average.

What is a flamingos weight?

It weighs 57lbs

How many mph can a Yamaha tt-r110e go?

depends on the weight of the rider..about 45 mph with someone that weighs around 130

How tall should someone that weighs 117.5 be?

around 5ft tall or something. Im 118 and 5' 0". and im average weight.

A manatee weighs 1200lbs what is the fraction of its weight in tons?

It weighs 0.60 tons.

What weighs 5 pounds?

What weighs five pounds?

How do you find out how much someone weighs on mars?

You divide your current weight by 2.65625. Hence, if your weight is 170 lbs. you would weigh 64 lbs. on Mars because 170/2.65625=64.

How much weight can your floor support?

650 pounds is the safest maximum load

What is the atomic weight of sodium?

It weighs the same as the atomic weight of a bannana

Weight of paint on a 747 airplane?

it weighs a ton. The weight of a horse

A painting weighs 794 grams Its frame weighs 2389 grams Estimate the weight of the painting as a fraction of the total weight?


Energy Is the amount an object weighs.?

No. The amount an object weighs is simply called its "weight".