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What is the quickest route from Orlando airport to Longboat keys Sarasota?


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September 18, 2010 3:21PM
    1. From the airport, follow signs to the SOUTH EXIT to FL-417 TOLL (Central Florida Greenway). Follow signs to FL-417 TOLL WEST.
    2. Take FL-417 TOLL (Central Florida Greenway) WEST to I-4 WEST to TAMPA.
    3. Take I-4 WEST to I-75 to OCALA and NAPLES at EXIT 9. You want I-75 SOUTH to NAPLES.
    4. Take I-75 SOUTH to FL-780 (FRUITVILLE RD) to SARASOTA and ST. ARMANDS at EXIT 210.
    5. Turn right off the exit ramp onto FL-780 (Fruitville Rd) WEST.
    6. Take FL-780 WEST on Fruitville Rd to N Tamiami Tr (U.S. 41) SOUTH at END FL-780. Turn left onto N Tamiami Tr (U.S. 41).
    7. Take N Tamiami Tr (U.S. 41) to FL-789 WEST. Turn left onto FL-789 WEST. This is the first light that you will approach on the N Tamiami Tr.
    8. Take FL-789 WEST across the John Ringling Causeway to Longboat Keys.