What is the racial slang term for Italian?

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What is American slang term for 20.00?

Double sawbuck . [ Sawbuck is slang for $10] . Not in America; I have never heard that used and I've lived in 7states across the nation. In America $20.00 might be called "twentybucks," "twenty big ones," or, if you're referring to the billitself, "a twenty." Another slang term for a $20 bill is ( Full Answer )

What does the slang term fcc mean?

Federal Communications Commission Note: the above is a proper acronym for a government agency, not slang. Perhaps the question writer was looking for something like "Final Crisis of Capitalism." If you saw "FCC?" on Facebook at the beginning of the 2008 financial collapse or at the S&P downgrade of ( Full Answer )

What is the slang term for a newspaper dispenser?

ghetto locker . Newspaper dispenser = 25 cent ghetto locker. Just take out all the papers, and store your sh*t ni&&a.. I gots my reeboks in the ghetto locker on 25th and main...

What is the slang term gurp?

Gurp is a slang term for oral sex. When a girl performs oral sex on a guy, the act is called a gurp.

What are some slang terms for breasts?

Abbott and Costello airbags Blouse Brothers B1 and B2 babaloos baby feeders badoinkies balloons baloobas bazookas bazooms bee-stings Ben and Jerry Bert and Ernie bijongas blinkers bombs Bonnie and Clyde boobs boobies boobsters bosoms bottles boulders ( Full Answer )

What is the Slang term for sniffing aerosols?

Whiff! ( for obvious reasons) Huff, also present participle--Huffing, and some other terms such as Snort and oddly, Boof! Boof is a derisive term also meaning (To Die) (I heard Janis Boofed in the seventies? finally there is the more refined- Carbide High, Sweeter than Wine , Softer than a Carbide H ( Full Answer )

Where did the slang term 'cowabunga' originate?

"Cowabunga!" - most recently immortalized by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - was the greeting used between Buffalo Bob Smith and Chief Thunderthud on the Howdy Doody Show during the 1950's. Later, the term became widely used in the Gidget surfer movies, and also in the Peanuts cartoon strip.

What is a slang term?

a slang term is a word used instead of the "official" terminology, and made common by use.

What are slang terms for LSD?

Some slang terms for LSD are: . Hit . Tab . Acid . The Goose . Blotter . Microdot . Drop . Trip . Lucy in the sky with diamonds . Rainbow Skittles . Wacky Tic-Takys . Delicious Candy . French Tic-Tacs . European Tic-Tacs

What racial mix are Italians?

Italy has along history of immigration and we know for certain the Greeks populated south Italy around 5000 BC and the Celts arrived in north Italy around a couple of thousand years later.. Today, immigrants from Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe are stopping the population of Italy from declining, a ( Full Answer )

What slang words are used for Italians?

Slang words for an Italian male and an Italian female are Romeo and Giulietta . They're proper nouns, from the play 'Romeo and Juliet' by William Shakespeare [baptized April 26, 1564-April 23, 1616]. The name 'Romeo' is pronounced 'ROH-meh-oh', and the name 'Giulietta' 'joo-lee-EHT-tah'.

What is the English translation of the Italian-American slang term 'goomba'?

" Friend " is an English equivalent of the Italian American slang term goomba . Specifically, the Italian American word is an Americanization of the Italian word compare and the Sicilian cumpari . The latter two words are regional forms of padrino , which literally means "godfather, sponsor." ( Full Answer )

What does polo mean as a slang term?

In Costa Rica, the word polo is used to describe a person, object or situation that would be considered lame in terms of acceptable popular social standards. Other terms that are similar synonyms of polo but not quite the exact translation could be: uncool, lame, dorky, etc...

What is the slang term for policeman?

There are many, and it depends on which country you are in. In Canada and the U.S.A., they are are probably most often referred to as ' cops ' (an acronym for Constable On Patrol). They are also referred to as " pigs (rude), the fuzz (1970's slang), five-oh (1970's slang reference to the TV sho ( Full Answer )

What does strawberry mean in slang terms?

a red and yellow infected bell-end LOL, yeah usually means a guy has thrush, which is basically a yeast infection of his gerry helmet ( slang ) which is treatable using canesten cream etc...also usually includes shmegma .... LOL go on guys explain that one, cremem cheese rings a bell (bell end )

What is the slang term for the word safecracker?

There are several possibilities I can think of, and they may be in more common usage in some areas of the country than in others: A really old-time expression is "YEGG." Another, perhaps more recent one is A "BOX MAN" or "NITRO-MAN," (referring to the explosive necessary to blow one open).

Are slang terms adjectives or nouns?

It depends on what the slang term is being substituted for. If it is describing something, it is an adjective. If it is a person, place, or thing, it is a noun.

What is the slang term 7up?

From the old 7-UP ad campain "Never had it. Never will." A 7up is a person without skills, intelligence, etc.

Is valentino Italian slang for valentine?

No , " Valentino " is not an Italian slang equivalent of "Valentine." Specifically, the Italian word is a long-established masculine first name among Italian language speakers. The pronunciation is "VAH-lehn-TEE-noh." Many Italian names have masculine and feminine equivalents. The feminine equivale ( Full Answer )

What are the slang terms of Amyl Nitrate?

The whole group of said Amyl Nitrates used not for the medical purposes of an antidote for cyanide poisoning, abut for recreational uses (bluntly put: to get intoxicated) is called "poppers." Like all hallucinogens, I definitely don't recommend trying them.

What does the slang term 'slime' mean?

To east coast bloods usually young members not affiliated with or recognized by west coast bloods at all. The term Slime has been adopted because of popular east coast hip hop artist like N.O.R.E., Camron, Vado, Lil Wayne, Fat Joe. Its really a made up term for a fellow east coast blood. Simply some ( Full Answer )

What is the slang term for wood?

I don't know of any slang for the word "wood." People usually use slang to mean something they don't want other people to know they're talking about. Wood isn't usually something you care about.

What does tilly mean in slang terms?

Tilly is used by middle-aged Americans who were between the ages of 10 - 30 in the late 1970s. When the first ATMs debuted, some banks marketed them as an "anytime available bank teller.". At least one bank in the southeast US jingled "It is is Tilly the all-time bank teller." Many people would say ( Full Answer )

What are some slang terms for fat?

Some slang terms that refer to fat would include flab, lard, or poundage. If you are talking about a fat person, you might say chubby, pudgy, or flabby. Depending on which word you choose, you might be insulting or just teasing in a friendly manner. "He's a chubby fellow," would be a friendly way of ( Full Answer )

What does the slang term 'bushed' mean?

"Bushed' means really tired. You would say "I'm bushed," when you have been working hard and feel exhausted. Of course, you could say the same thing if you've been lying around all day and are just feeling sleepy! If you're bushed, you're about to go sit or lie down.

What is another slang term for weak?

When someone calls you weak ignore because it's not true you might be weak on the outside but not in the inside your strong in the inside

What does slang term burnt out mean?

It means that you're out of it, that you've smoked yourself out. This word plays a huge role when it comes to weed.

What does the slang term ratchet mean?

Ratchet means somebody who is rude, full of themselves or, trashy. Your clothes can look ratchet as in; 1. Holes and rips not meant by the designer 2. Very dirty or dingy To act ratchet is to; 1. Being loud and obnoxious 2. Starting fights and generally rude. 3. Believing you are better than every ( Full Answer )

What is a slang term for killer?

Slang terms for killers include: Exterminator Gun for hire Hatchet man Icer, iceman Sandman Undertaker Whacker Slang meanings for the word killer include: Awesome Excellent Groovy

Is gay a slang term?

Not if it is used for homosexuals, since that is the primary usage. It was once considered slang for that, but it is now accepted usage, and more accepted than the word homosexual. The word homosexual has a clinical feel to it, and they insist they are born that way and have nothing wrong with them. ( Full Answer )

Why are their slang terms for drugs?

The reason their are slang terms for drugs is so that police and other unwanted listeners are able to understand that drugs are being talked about

Where does the slang term mommy come from?

One of the first things a baby does when it's starting to talk isto make the "ma ma" sound, which has come to mean "mother" in manylanguages -- mama, mommy, madre, etc.

What are some slang terms for speak?

shoot the breeze blowing hot air (that refers to someone who speaks a lot without really saying anything, like a politician)

What is Molly a slang term for?

Many different meanings. -A prostitute in north West England,-simply 'ugly ' in north east England down to about Lincolnshire.

Where did the slang term booyah originate from?

The slang term "booyah" originated in the 1990s. However, it is not known from where the slang term is originated from. This term defines joy or excitement.

What is the meaning of the slang term crooklyn?

Crooklyn is used to describe Brooklyn in slang terms. It is basically just another term for Brooklyn. There are available a lot of products that people can buy from T-shirts to mugs where it is said "Crooklyn".

What is the meaning of the slang term 'bluefilm'?

The slang term 'blueflim' generally refers to adult rated movies and videos. The term is mostly used for softcore pornography and is not generally used for hardcore movies.

What does the slang term rah mean?

The slang term "rah" has two distinct meanings. The first refers to someone who is considered to be "posh", or extremely rich and well educated. Its other use is to describe something which is particularly good or exciting.

What does the term racial profiling mean?

Racial profiling is a term that is used to describe the practise of substituting one's skin color for evidence as ground for suspicion. This is mostly used in police work, and unfortunately happens all the time.

What is the meaning of the slang term 'ballbust'?

The slang term ball bust means: 1) Someone who kicks a man in the testicals for any set of reasons. 2) When a person criticizes another person just so they can annoy the other person.

What does the slang term bingo mean?

The term Bingo comes from the popular game bingo, played all around the world. When a player has won the game they shout out "Bingo" to claim victory and collect their award. This has been used as slang for people winning things in everyday life.

What is meant by the slang term darn?

The slang term 'darn' is usually used to let out a signal of disappointment. For example, if someone was told that their favorite football team had lost a game in the last minute, an appropriate response of the person could be "darn" as they would be sad their team lost. The term is also used as a s ( Full Answer )

What is 'roughneck' a slang term for?

Roughneck refers to a person who works in hard possibly dangerous labour. This term isn't a derogatory term it's more used to just describe a person according to their job choice. Most of the time it is used to refer to workers of oil-rigs.