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Q: What is the ratio for substituting dried coriander for coriander seed in a recipe?
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What is the ratio for substituting ground coriander for coriander seeds in a recipe?

One teaspoon coriander seeds equals one teaspoon ground coriander.

What are the ratio of fresh herbs to dried herbs explain why?

1:3 when substituting dried herbs for fresh. Herbs that have been dried are more potent than their fresh counterparts.

What ratio would you use to substitute ground herbs for dried herbs?

recipe calls for dried thyme crushed. How much already ground thyme is equal to that?

What doesOne tbs fresh coriander equals how much dried coriander?

One tbsp of fresh coriander would be one teaspoon of dried and vice-versa. That is a three to one ratio. This formula works for all herbs. Just remember 1tbsp fresh = 1 tsp. dried. Packaged dried herbs are stronger than fresh herbs, but lose their potency as they age. If the container is new then use a bit more sparingly. Fresh herbs are the way to go to get the best results.

What is the ratio of fat for flour?

The ratio differs from recipe to recipe.

How much Dried minced onion vs onion powder?

The ratio of dried minced onion to onion powder for cooking is three to one. For example, if your recipe calls for three teaspoons of dried minced onion, you may substitute one teaspoon of onion powder.

Can substituting butter for high ratio shortening can cause curdling?

yes it will curdle. High Ratio Shortening contains emulsifiers that allow it to hold a large amount of liquid without curdling. do NOT substitute regular shortening or butter into a recipe that specifically says High ratio or emulsified shortening.

What is the ratio for substituting lemon juice for vinegar?

One to one.

What is the ratio when substituting oil with applesauce in baking?


How much fresh rosemary is equivalent to 2 teaspoon dried rosemary?

For rosemary, the ratio is three to one, fresh chopped to dried. So if your recipe calls for 2 tsp. of dried rosemary and you would rather use fresh, you will need three times as much, or two tablespoons of fresh chopped rosemary leaves.

What is the ratio of heavy cream when substituting for milk?

That depends on what you're substituting it in. If its baking, I wouldn't do it. Heavy cream has a much higher fat content, and will throw off a baking recipe. If you're just substituting it in mashed potatoes, or soup, or a sauce, I'd use it 1:1, one cup for one cup. You'll just end up with a richer tasting, smoother end product with better mouth feel, that's all.

What is the ratio for substituting flour for cornstarch?

1 Tablespoon Cornstarch = 2 Tablespoons flour

What is the ratio of one sprig of fresh thyme to dry thyme?

With thyme one fresh sprig equals one-half teaspoon of dried thyme. In general, use two to three times the amount of fresh thyme as dried. When adding to soups and stews, crush the leaves between your hands before stirring it in your recipe.

What does the phrase mean 'one to one basis'?

It is literal. It means substituting one of something for exactly one of something else.If I give you a recipe for cake and it includes an ingredient of 1/3 of a cup of white sugar and the notation says you have the option of substituting brown sugar on a 'one to one' ratio than you would simply have the option of choosing to use 1/3 of a cup of brown sugar in place of the 1/3 of a cup of white sugar.It is a literal exchange rate of equal ratio.

Why follow a recipe ratio?

otherwise you wont have what you want as a result.

How much dried dill equals 1 tablespoon fresh dill?

! teaspoon of dried dill is equivalent to 1 American tablespoon of fresh dill. Dried herbs can be substituted for fresh at a ratio of 1 to 3.

How much dried basil is equal to 1 tbsp fresh basil?

One teaspoon of dried basil is equal to 1 Tablespoon of fresh basil. This ratio is the same for all fresh and dried herbs.

What is the ratio of water to rice for arborio rice in a rice cooker?

3:1 Use 3 parts water for 1 part rice...the same rule applies if you are boiling it or making a rissotto (which you should be doing with arborio!!) but there are so many uses for this delicious rice, you'd get away with substituting it in many recipe

A recipe uses 3 eggs for every 8 cups of flour. What is the ratio of eggs to flour in the recipe?

The ratio is "3 units : 8 cups".

What is the ratio of egg to cream in an egg cream?

The ratio of egg to cream in egg cream is normally 2 to 1 but varies. The actual ratio varies based on the recipe and the intended use for the egg cream.

Can you use baking soda or baking powder to cook?

You can use both to cook. However, if you meant to ask if you can substitute one for the other, you can't. (Not on a 1:1 ratio.) Baking soda is stronger. 1 tsp baking soda= 3tsp baking powder; but substituting one for the other may alter the outcome of your recipe, which isn't necessarily bad in every case.

If you have a quart of zingzang and a pint of vodka is that a four to one ratio?

No, the ratio of 'zingzang to vodka' is two to one. It would also seem to be a recipe for disaster.

What is the ratio powdered rosemary to fresh rosemary?

tablespoon fresh rosemary equals 1 teaspoon dried

How much dried thyme equals 3 sprigs fresh thyme?

Dried herbs such as thyme should always should be thought of in a 1:3 ratio. One teaspoon of dried thyme is the same as three teaspoons of fresh thyme. How much dried thyme that equals three thyme sprigs depends on the size of the thyme sprigs.

Can I replace shortening in a recipe with butter and what ratio do you use if you can?

Yes, you can. The ratio is the same. However, make sure that you let the butter sit out so that it is softened (room temperature).