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Q: What is the ratio of baking chocolate to powdered coco?
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Is baking chocolate the same as dark chocolate?

No, Baking chocolate is just pressed coco powder, whereas dark chocolate is a mixture of coco liquer, coco butter and sugar.

Where does chocolate coco come from?

Cocoa is powdered cacao beans

Is chocolate made of cockroach?

no, chocolate made with coco,egg, baking powder

How much chocolate is in a coco bean?

There is no chocolate it is all coco.

Where did you get chocolate?

You get chocolate from coco beans

In chocolate pudding can you subsitute coco for chocolate syrup?

Yes, but it might taste sweeter then coco.

Can the coco for hot chocolate be used for cooking?

The coco used in Hot chocolate can be used for cooking.

From where does chocolate comes from?

Chocolate comes from the coco tree

What is hot coco?

hot coco is a chocolate drink with choclate

What are coco beans?

coco beans are the raw form of chocolate.

Coco beans is it true that spider enter the coco beans when chocolate is made?

No, that is not true. There are no spiders in chocolate.

Is cacao and coco powder the same?

No, Cacao and Coco powder are not the same things.No, Coco powder is a chocolate powder used to make chocolate things.

Can you eat baking coco on gluten free diet?

Yes, it's fine. I make GF chocolate cookies and cakes with it all the time and have no reaction.

What is the main chemical in chocolate?

depends how much coco is in the chocolate

What is the root word in chocolate?

=The root word for chocolate is coco!=

Does coco butter contain chocolate?

no no

How does chocolate get produced?

from coco beans.

The ingredients of chocolate?

coco beans

What is a good nickname for chocolate?


What is the coco bean?

The coco bean is a bean that is made with chocolate then it gets crushed to make coco powder.

What is the use in coco beans?

Coco (or cocao) beans are used in making chocolate.

Is dark chocolate semi sweet chocolate?

NO it has more coco init

Main ingredients of chocolate?

coco beans is the main ingredient of chocolate

What ingredients go in a normal chocolate bar?

The ingredients in chocolate are: coco beans, coco butter and lecithin. You can add a flavour if you would want a particular type of chocolate.

Where does chocolate get its color from?

You get the colour from coco beans.