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About 97% of the earth's water is saltwater, the the remaining 3% is freshwater.

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What is the difference between saltwater and rainwater?

Rain water is fresh water and does not have salt. Saltwater is not fresh and does have salt.

Is the Meditteranian Sea saltwater or fresh water?


What freezes the fastest saltwater or fresh water?

The fresh water.

Is the Ohio River fresh or saltwater?

Fresh water.

Is Lake Maracaibo saltwater or fresh water?


Do cuttlefish live in fresh or saltwater?

salt water not fresh water

Do sea anemone live in saltwater or fresh water?

Fresh water

Is a river freshwater or saltwater?

fresh water

Is a Halibut a fresh or saltwater fish?

Salt water

Why a fresh water aquarium would be a dangerous habitat for a saltwater fish?

it would be a bad habitat because a saltwater fish is use to saltwater not fresh water

Is the guppy a fresh water or saltwater fish?

The guppy is a fresh water fish.

What is the difference between saltwater and fresh water?

saltwater has salt in it, freshwater does not.

What would happen if you put a saltwater egg in fresh water?

Saltwater eggs are given the name for a reason. They will live only in saltwater and will die right after you put them in fresh water.

Does ice melt faster in saltwater or in freshwater?

It depends on the temperature of the water. If the fresh water is warmer, then it will melt quickest in the fresh water. If the saltwater is warmer, then it will melt quickest in the saltwater. If the water is frozen (regardless of saltwater or freshwater), the ice won't melt at all.

Do goldfish line longer in salt water or fresh water?

There are both saltwater and fresh water goldfish so it doesnt really matter which. Saltwater ones can't live in fresh water and vice versa.

Can saltwater snails live in fresh water?

NO they can not.

Where saltwater and fresh water meet?


How is saltwater the same as fresh water?

no it is not the same

Is saltwater a mixture or solution?

Saltwater is a solution because you can get fresh water and some salt and mix it and then you get saltwater.

What is hotter fresh water or salt water?

Saltwater can get hotter (before boiling) than fresh water.

Why is it easier to float in saltwater than in fresh water then in fresh water?

Salt water has a greater density.

Is the Mediterranean Sea fresh water or salt water?


Is the ocean a fresh water or saltwater environment?

Salt water

Does the Jordan river contain saltwater or fresh water?

the jordan rover contains fresh water

Can saltwater crabs live in fresh water?

Saltwater crabs tend to die if placed in fresh water. They will not survive for very long if kept out of their natural habitat.

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