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Oil pressure shouldn't register at all until the engine starts and builds up pressure.


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If the engine cranks & cranks & cranks before it starts even though it's warmed up already.

The oil pressure is zero when the engine is not running. The oil pressure sensor will read the low pressure for a second, when the engine first starts.

Most cars would not have any oil pressure until after the engine starts turning because the oil pump is driven mechanically off of the engine.

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If you put fuel into the intake and it starts and keeps running, replace the engine coolant sensor. If you put fuel into the intake and it starts but stalls it probably is a bad fuel pump or pressure regulator. Do a fuel pressure test. Need to know what model, year and engine you have to help you any more.

A bad catalytic converter can cause hard starts if it has become clogged. This produces excessive back pressure in the engine.

Depends on the engine but severe engine damage will start to occur almost immediately. It will run a few minutes until it starts to overheat then the engine will seize. It will not take long to destroy the engine.


The very first thing you should see is the oil pressure gauge start to indicate pressure. (This is assuming you have an oil pressure gauge, but all large trucks have them.) If you don't have any pressure within five seconds, turn the engine off.

It's based on the air pressure measurement of the environment. Before it starts to rain pressure dramatically drops. That's particularly why some people have headaches before rains.

Some signs are: cranking the engine over a few times before it starts stepping on the accelerator and having hesitation a stumble by the engine when you need power do you have a check engine light yet? When was the last time you changed the fuel filter? It may be clogged blocking fuel.

It is considered to be a low normal reading. Nothing to worry about unless it starts to go lower.

Without specific model years, I'll answer this for TBI and Vortec engines. The TBI engine has a max pressure of 13 lbs. The engine runs like crap if it drops below 10. The Vortec runs at 65lbs and starts to stumble if it gets much below 60. 55 seems to be the edge before you have starting issues.

The pressure builds up too quickly, which means some of the downward force on the piston starts before it has started moving down. That reduces the power.

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Yes. A fuel pressure regulator maintains the adequate fuel pressure required by the engine. A faulty fuel pressure regulator might leak fuel or cause your engine to run lean. It could create hard starts, knock and ping, or hesitationat full throttle.

It is very cold water. At normal pressure, it is as cold as water can get before it starts to freeze.

The engine parts are rubbing until the engine oil pressure builds up and the oil starts to lube the parts. Old oil, wrong viscosity, or a clogged filter can cause this to be worse than necessary.

Check for codes on the engine computer. When it quits check for spark and gas pressure to see what is missing.

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