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I don't believe there is a specific torque specification! Once you install the crush sleeve and tighten the nut to the desired preload on your pinion bearings, your torque will be what it will be.

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Q: What is the rear differential pinion nut torque spec Toyota 8 inch?
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What is the preload on the pinion bearing and the backlash on the crownwheel and pinion inside the rear differential of a 1997 ford explorer 4 wheel drive?

The shim between the inner bearing and the pinion is critical and if it's lost you need special tools to set the pinion depth. replace the bearings and seal with an new crush sleeve thighten the pinion nut until the sleeve crushes and you can't move the pinion up and down. Then very slowly tighten the pinion nut checking the rotational torque. You will need an inch pound torque wrench, when the preload is correct it should take between 20-25 inch pounds of torque to rotate the pinion. If you get it too tight you need to replace the crush sleeve and start over. Proper bearing preload and gear mesh are critical.

What is the spark plug torque for a 1994 Toyota Previa?

spark plug torque for a Toyota 2.4 is 95 inch/lbs

What is 1995 Ford pick up with traction lock rear pinion nut torque?

The only torque you should be concerned with is the torque it takes to rotate the pinion gear alone, 8-14 inch pounds for old bearings, 16-29 in/lbs. for new bearings. The torque it takes to crush the crush collar (tightening the pinion nut) will be above 140 foot lbs. and this will set your tension on the pinion bearings. If you put a new crush collar in you are going to have to remove axles and carrier to get the proper pre-load on the pinion bearings.

How difficult is it to remove the rear differential and renew any worn bearings on a 2001 Toyota Powervan?

Not bad. Some specialty tools needed like a foot lb torque wrench, an inch lb torque wrench and a dial indicator. A shop manual for that vehicle would also be helpful.

What is the torque for the pinion nut on a 68 Camaro 10-bolt rear end?

There are a couple different methods to correctly torque the nut on the pinion. One way that I have used in the past with excellent results,is to tighten the pinion nut real good and snug just as you feel the crush sleeve begin its resistance,and then you actually place an "inch pound" torque wrench(Dial or Bar style tends to be a little quicker and more exacting than a click style) with correct socket on pinion nut and rotate the pinion by way of the smaller torque wrench (ring gear and carrier removed).If the inch-pound torque wrench doesn't click before the pinion rotates(inch-pound wrench set approx @12-15),then snug the pinoin nut up with your 1/2 drive impact more.Tighten nut in SMALL increments.Dont overshoot it,other wise you run the risk of wasting the one time use crush sleeve and burning up the pinion bearings.If say the wrench clicks @10,11,12ish before the pinion rotates,but if set @ 15 or so,and the pinion rotates before the torque wrench clicks, you are in the right area.What you are doing is measuring the amount of "rotational drag" on the pinion with the inlb torque wrench.Another way is if the crush sleeve is replaced with a solid spacer,the nut can be torqued down with a regular pop wrench to about 60-75 ft/lbs.

What is the torque on the 1995 Toyota Camry automatic transaxle fluid pan bolts?

65 inch/lbs. Note please NOT foot lbs, INCH LBS

What is the torque specs on a 1987 Suzuki Samurai pinion?

It is set correclty when the crush sleave inside is set, during a gear setup. then it is checked with a Inch pound meter and will show while rotating roughly 5 inch # rotational drag.

What are the torque specs on the rear end pinion gear crush collar of a 1995 Chevy 1500 Pickup 4x4 with a 350 engine?

You really need to take a reading before youremove the nut and tighten the nut 3-5 pounds inch more than it was when you took it apart. If you didn't you need to torque it to 25 pounds-inch with a new nut and sleeve. You can probably rent an inch pound torque wrench from the parts store. Turn it several turns after tightening it and before reading the torque.

Is there in lb torque wrench?

Yes, there are inch/pound torque wrenches.

What is 4 inch drill pipe torque up to?

A 4 inch drill pipe torque is used for fishing in small casing.

How many foot-pounds equal ninety inch-pounds?

90 inch - pounds (torque) = 90 / 12 = 7.5 foot pounds (torque)

You need rear axle pinion nut torque specs for a 98 Chevy 12 ton pickup 2wd?

The nut is generally torqued to 260/300 ft lbs, or 25 inch/lbs for new bearings and crush sleeve installed, or around 12/15 inch/lbs for old stuff.

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