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Fuel pump is located in the gas tank and cannot be reset. I had to pull the gas tank out to replace the fuel pump which took about 3 hours. I have not done this before so a trained mechanic should be able to do this in 1.5 hours. the reset switch is under the hood latch on the drivers side

2007-02-19 12:58:32
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Q: What is the reason for a 1996 Mercury villager van 30 to just not get fuel and where is the fuel pump reset at I believe it is something minor because it was perfectly fine this morning please help?
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Because gas fumes are coming out and you're smelling them.

Why will your mercury villager only drive in 2nd gear?

It is in limp mode because there is a serious failure in either the transmission or the control module.

Why cant you buy a front hub assembly for a 97 mercury villager?

Because it doesn't have one. The wheel bearing is a separate part that is installed into the spindle assembly.

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