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What is the reason for a car's heater to work properly one moment and then not work at all the next?

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I would check the coolant level first. When the coolant drops below a certain point,Warm coolant that makes the heater work is no longer present and all you get is cold air. If this doesn't work, I'd try a "hotter" thermostat.

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Why does temperate gauge reduce when heater is turned on in 1997 Cadillac deville?

This is actually common for most cars. The reason is that the heater pulls heat away from the engine into the car itself.

Is a 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser a good car?

Yes, if properly maintained that are good cars for the money.Yes, if properly maintained that are good cars for the money.

Does the heater work if heater core is bypassed?


Where is block heater in 2001 Toyota Corolla?

Cars do not come with a block heater normally, it is something you have to have installed aftermarket

Will low coolant cause a cars heater to not work?

Yes. The coolant carries the engine heat to the heater core. Without coolant the heater core does not get warm.

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What would be an alternative to get heat from the heater fan in a car instead of using the car radiator?

Cars produce a lot of electricity as well, both to charge the battery back up and to run the fan, lights, radio, AC, etc. An in-line electric heater would work well too, especially for electric cars that don't produce the heat that internal combustion cars do. Another reason for this would be for high-end cars that want to produce heat for the interior before the engine is fully heated. A built in ceramic heater (much like a toaster) can do this just fine.

Do cars made for Florida have defrost and heat?

Yes they have a heater/defroster.

What are lancer cars fans called?

Heater fan and cooling fan.

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Does a car need the heater hose to run?

Kinda-sorta. Most cars, the heater is part of the cooling system. If you pull the heater hose off you're left with a hole that'll drain the coolant out. If for some reason you want to run a car w/o the heater hose or the heater, you need to make sure that the coolant still can circulate as it's expected. You'll either need to plug something, or run a bypass loop.

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Does a 2002 Mercury Sable have a heater coil?

If "heater coil" is just another term for "Heater core", then yes, most all cars have them.See "Related Questions" below for tons of information about Taurus / Sable heater cores.

Why does Car heater only works while driving?

Most (not all) cars are heated by the engine. When fluid moves through the engine it heats up. This fluid moves through the heater core, a fan moves air over the warm heater coils blowing warm air out to the cars cab.

Where is the block heater in a 1991 eagle talon?

block heater are generally associated with diesel engines but they do make block heaters for some gas cars.

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What causes a cars heater to blow cold air?

THE CAUSE for this is that when your cold air is on the petrol is used to create air. and that is how cars create cold air

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Where is the heater core located in a 1999 ford ranger 3.0?

inside the passenger compartment behind the glove box. to find any heater core, open the cars hood and locate the 2 heater hoses. They will go through the firewall and they connect to the heater core.

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