What is the reason why Instagram is a Dynamic Website?


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It is dynamic because it is always changing


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Yes Google is a absouletly a Dynamic Website.

You can get a instagram by signing up from there website :)

The website is

A dynamic website is a website that uses a scripting language to accept user input and do something with it.

Dynamic website refers to a site that has elements that can change. A website that displays the current date and time when you view it is dynamic, as opposed to a static website that always has the same exact content.

A dynamic website should be client-side scripting or server-side scripting. It is used for changing the content by the client itself. Dynamic website include HTML programming for the basic structure.

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Yes, you can make dynamic website with joomla. Cheap webhosting @

Yes. If you have already previously created an Instagram account using the Instagram app, you can login to the Instagram website and use many of the functions.

We are living in a new age of webdesgin and 'client' side scripting isn't enough for everyday use. Any website that has a login feature is dynamic. Therefore any website that you create a account or signup is dynamic. A Dynamic Website - a website that connects to a server and generates a clientside webpage from results - often from a database Breakdown - the following is dynamic * Login/Join feature * Comment Feature * Search Feature

Instagram Photos cannot be checked through instagram website on your PC. You can just login to your account Edit Profile and Manage Authorized Applications.

No through website only login and edit account profile is possible. You can sign up for instagram through instagram mobile application.

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A website version of Instagram! But you can't post pictures

there is a website called 'statigram' that should let you on

A static website does not respond to user input. It displays the same content all the time. A dynamic website changes depending on user input. A good example is a website with forms.StaticA static website is developed with content that never changes when a user opens the page in a Browser.DynamicA Dynamic site has features that are defined by the interactions of the User.Simple Examples of Dynamic featuresIf a website shows the local time zone of a user who opens the dynamic site, then the time zone displayed will be different for users from America and Europe.If a website has a counter that records how many page hits have occurred then the page will change every time a new user open the page in a browser, thus making the site always changing.A dynamic site may offer multiple language sets for users, thus making the site change for different users. If a Spanish reader and an English reader open a dynamic website, both users can view the same website with completely different language sets!

You can sign up for instagram only through instagram mobile application. And through website only login and edit account profile is possible.

No. Instagram is only available as an application for mobile devices, such as iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches. You can, however, visit the Instagram website using a browser of choice on your MacBook, such as Safari. 10

The acronym "IG" can stand for several things. One of the most popular is Instagram. Instagram is a photo sharing website.

HTML is, by its very nature, static. In order to add dynamic elements, you will need to use JavaScript.

You do not, if your parents do not want you on it they will have a good reason, so do not use it.

It means when you keep telling them to play a game or website

You can not. instagram is only available on mobile devices, so you have to post from a mobile device. the website can only be used to view your feed

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