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OK, which of the dozens of Spanish speaking countries are you referring to? There are several currency converters available on the internet. Here are a couple of them : ============ The best solution would be to add mobile version to your mobile phone with wap browser or smart phone, as it comes with the currency images to allow you to validate the notes to match the real notes while you're aboard in other countries.

Hope it helps. You'll like it.

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Q: What is the recent currency rate of spanish-speaking countries?
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What is currency exchange rate?

currency exchange rate means values between two other countries currency. For example, the value of indian rupee againts one US dollar is 60.64

What is one nation's currency in terms of another country's?

This depends on the exchange rate between the two countries.

How do you convert U.S. Dollars into other currency?

If you just want to know the value look up the exchange rate for the other currency. If you want to actually exchange for the other currency most banks can do it for you (or tell you of another bank in the area that can if they don't handle the currency you want themselves). If you have an ATM card that is accepted where you are going, you can draw out currency at the ATM's in foreign countries and usually get a better rate than at local banks. VISA and Master Charge are accepted in many foreign countries and give you a good rate.

How do changes in interest rates inflation productivity and income affect exchange rates?

Some countries simply allow the exchange rate to be determined by demand and supply. Some countries attempt to keep the exchange rate between their currency and another currency constant. When countries agree to keep the value of their currencies constant, there is a fixed exchange and is called exchange rate system. Exchange rate or value of a currency is defined by its supply and demand factors. If a country has high interest rate, that will attract more investors to buy that currency to invest (increase in demand for the currency). If inflation is high, the value of the currency decreases over time and therefore not attractive to hold (decrease in demand). If the country has high productivity and does a lot of exports, foreigners will need to buy currency in order buy the goods (increase in demand).

Is there any country having currency rate lesser than Indian currency rate?

The Low Value Currency in The World is Vietnamese Dong, USA 49/- India 1/- Indonesia 0.045 Vietnamese Dong 0.0023 And The Highest Currency in The World is Kuwait approximately 175/- According to Indian Currency . I Have an Hobby Of Collecting Currency, at present i have 16 countries Paper Notes & Coins

How the rate of currency is fixed-?

The rate of currency is fixed by other single currency. This is fixed in basket of other currencies in gold.

What is exchange rate?


Currency of the Caribbean?

because the caribbean is made up of numerous islands and independent countries there is no one currency to use. each country has its own currency with its own exchange rate and rate of inflation. If you're planning to go to one or more caribbean islands i recommend you go to the bank to check the exchange rate for each individual country

What are exchangs rates?

Exchange rate is the rate at which one currency is exchanged for another.It is the price of one currency in terms of another currency.

Five reasons for the high unemployment rate in developing countries?

high population,closing of industries,poor currency,ignorance,

What is the relationship between Interest rate parity with exchange rate?

Exchange rate is the rate at which one country's currency is changed for another country's currency. For example the rate at which one dollar can be changed for pound sterling or any other currency.

What is the currency exchange rate in Mongolia?

The currency used in Mongolia is Tughrik and its code is MNT. To find its rate you'll have to compare it to another currency.

Why does the exchange rate of dollars for pesos change?

As one countries economy rises, the other countries may fall. The change in the exchange rate fluctuates with the differing economy from the differing countries. It doesn't only happen with dollars to pesos but with all types of foreign currency.

How much is 1 dollar US in China?

To determine the exchange rate of the dollar to the currency in China you need to go to a site that gives the current rate. Everyday the rates change around the world in how much currency is against another countries currency. It very seldom stays the same two days in a row.

Is the exchange rate is the price of one nations currency in terms of another nations currency?

Yes, that is correct.

What is the difference between sterling and pound?

The Pound Sterling is the currency of the United Kingdom. Other countries also have currenices called the Pound but it obviously has a different exchange rate. Some countries which also have a currency called the Pound include, Lebanon, Egypt and Cyprus.

What is the currency and exchange rate in Spain?

Euro same as every were else in Europe. exchange rate to what other currency?

What is the rate at which one currency is converted to another currency called?

I believe you're looking for the term "exchange rate."

How does a trade deficit affect the exchange rate for a country's currency?

A growing trade deficit leads to a lower exchange rate for the country's currency. (apex)

What is is the meaning of the word currency?

<big> currency means money rate

What is the current dollar for foreign currency exchange rate?

Against what currency?

What is the currency and exchange rate in Afghanistan?

the currency of afghanistan is Afghani (AFN) . the current exchange rate is to US dollar is : 50

What is a good currency exchange rates calculator?

Google has a currency exchange rate calculator as well as xe, x-rates, and Go Currency. Alternatively there are currency exchange rate calculators located at malls where you can exchange one currency for another.

Where do I go to do a currency exchange?

Dollar is accepted in most of the countries around the world. If you legally have convertible foreign currency then most of the banks will convert the same into Dollars at prevalent exchange rate. If you are traveling abroad then Dollars can be changed to local currency at the airport itself.

How much is 1500 Euros in American currency?

On 11/12/10, 1500 euros = 2047.06 US dollars. See the link below for the most recent exchange rate.