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The average recommended consumption of water per person is 8-10 8oz. glasses per day, at the least. More is recommended for hot weather, or conditioning of the body, ie.. if you are active and sweat alot, you should consume more water to replace what is lost through perspiration. The same rule would apply to hot weather, however with the additional benefit that water will help to lower the body temperature..

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Q: What is the recommended amount of water you should drink daily?
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Does coffee count toward the amount of water you should drink daily?


How much milk should you drink everyday?

How much milk you should drink daily depends on your sex and age. It is recommended you drink 3 to 5 glasses a day.

How many liters of water should you drink to lose weight?

up to 8 pints a day, that is the recommended amount you should drink.

What is the maximum recommended amount coffee you should drink in one day?


Can you get the daily recommended amount of water from drink mixes like Crystal Light and Kool aid?

it depends how much you drink, basically you will get as much water as you put in so yeah.

An average person should drink this amount of water daily?

8-10 glasses a day

How much prune juice should you drink daily?

You should drink about 2 oz

How do you drink alcohol sensibly?

Find out what the recommended amount is your weight and gender, and don't drink more than that.

How many quarts of water should you drink each day?

The recommended minimum amount of water you should have each day is 8 cups, which is equal to 2 quarts.

Are pregnant women allowed to drink caffeine?

In general, pregnant women should not drink too much caffeine during pregnancy, though they are allowed to drink some. The daily recommended caffeine dose is about 12 ounces for a pregnant woman.

How much beet juice should you drink daily to control high blood pressure?

how much beet juice should i drink daily for iron

How bottles of coca- cola should be consumed in a day?

You shouldn't drink any - but you can drink some w/o anything bad happening. Coca-Cola is mainly sugar, and it's not good to have too much of your daily energy requirement from sugar alone.About one small cup(as you get from fast food restaurants), will give you 1/3 of your recommended daily amount of sugar.

What is the maximum number of units recommended for an male adult to drink daily?

Drinking alcohol is forbidden by Allah

Should you talk to your friend who daily drink?


Do you lose weight just drinking water?

I once read that drinking water actually helps burn fat - that's one of the reasons you're encouraged to drink 6-8 glasses a day. But I really think you shouldn't JUST drink water, it should be a healthy diet that includes the recommended daily amount of water.

What is recommended daily intake of water into the human body?

It used to be 8 glasses of water. Now it is recommended that you drink enough to keep your urine light yellow.

When should your dog eat or drink?

Dogs should always have a fresh supply of drinking water but should only be fed once or twice a day. If feeding once a day, preferably in the morning, it should get the full recommended amount printed on the bag/can for its weight size. If feeding twice a day, morning and early evening, halve the recommended amount for each feeding.

What is recommended amount of alcohol for an human being?

There is no recommended amount of alcohol for a human being. Abstaining from alcohol is generally best, but if alcoholic beverages are going to be consumed, it is recommended that no more than one drink per hour be consumed.

How much fluid should a cat drink daily?

The amount is important but as long as they are wetting their kitty litter several times a day with a 'puddle' results, they are ok.

How much water should we drink daily?

8 glassess

How much coke should teens drink daily?


How much alcohol can you safely drink?

If you are a female, you are recommended to drink 2- 3 units and a man is recommended to drink 3- 4 units a day. You should not however not drink for a while and then drink all of that amount eg. Female: Mon: Doesn't Drink Tue: Doesn't Drink Thursday Wed: Doesn't Drink Thur: Does Drink (3x3=9, = 1x3 for = 12 units. She drinks 12 units on Thursday to make up for morned) this is known as binge drinking.. DRINK SAFELY

How much sports drink should you drink daily to improve your performance?

2-3 bottles

What should you do to decrease the effects of alcohol?

Drink less, or more slowly. The recommended daily amount of alcohol for adults is one unit (about one beer, glass of wine or shot of liquor) for women, two for men. There is a myth that you can decrease the effects by eating before drinking. While that will slow the rate at which the alcohol enters your blood, it will not change the amount that eventually gets there.

How much avocado should be eaten daily?

It isn't necessary to eat avacado daily, but to get the right amount o servings of vegetables, "5 servings daily is reccomended" you could drink two full containers of v8 juice and that will provide you with alot of vegetable nutrition