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The recommended mileage for a tune-up is between 3,000 and 5,000 miles. This ensures that the vehicle is operating at maximum efficiency.


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Refer to the owners manual for the recommended frequency of service and tune-ups. Tune-ups are usually scheduled at specific intervals based on mileage.

When performance and fuel mileage drops.

When performance and fuel mileage is down.

Failure to maintain tune up maintenance.

When performance and fuel mileage decrease.

"Depending who you speak to, a pc tune up would be recommended if you are having problems like computer slowness or website opening slowness. But, if you are not having problems I would not recommend it."

Tune ups on new cars are recommended anywhere from 60,000 to 100,000 miles.

Depends on the mileage on the vehicle which you failed to list.

Around 30-40k or when 1st tune up recommended.

The components needed for a tune up depends on the completeness of the tune-up desired. Generally speaking a tune up consists of an air filter, spark plugs, and checking other components. Depending on the mileage from your last tune up and visual inspection, you may need to replace belts, plug wires, PVC valve, fuel filter, and have your injectors cleaned.

Bad gas mileage can sometimes be attributed to a vehicle in need of a tune-up. Have your car serviced and see if that improves the gas mileage.

Need to know what engine you have and the mileage. More info please.

Hard starting, poor performance, poor fuel mileage.

Dirty air filter, Tune up, Vacuum leaks,

Your 2000 Chevrolet Corvette should get approximately 19 miles per gallon, when the engine is tuned up. A tuned up engine, can increase your fuel mileage by 20 percent or more.

It has the same effect on most cars. A tune up will give you a slight increase in gas mileage, and may give you a smoother ride. It will not cause any major improvements though.

It is suggested that the oil be changed on the Suzuki Raider J when it is ready for a tune up. It is also recommended that all other fluids be checked and you should change the spark plugs.

A vehicle tune up is considered a major service in keeping your car running and in good condition. It's recommended that cars be services every two years or 30,000 miles.

The only "tune up" is the cleaning of the Throttle Body every year depending upon mileage. and the changing of oil and other driveline fluids as per the manual. The plugs are a 100,000 mile item.

That depends on the car. Some vehicles with points in the distributor needed a tune-up every 10,000 miles. Solid state ignitions have changed that number and many of the GM vehicles are advertising that you don't need your first tune-up for 100,000 miles. Refer to the owners manual for the recommended interval between tune-ups.

I have a 2001, and after a oil change and slight tune up i get about 20.5 hwy and 15-16 city.

If you mean, less fuel mileage, then: tune up run rich condition

That will depend on age and mileage to date - refer to the owners manual and/or the service manual.

Your Ford Focus may be getting poor gas mileage due to a clogged air filter or worn spark plugs. A complete engine tune-up can often fix most issues with poor mileage.

Tripometer is a great app for tracking your mileage. Milebug is another that is recommended.

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