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On a 2000 Mercury Cougar :

Open the drivers door , and on the end of the door ( or the latch pillar )

you will see an information sticker . One of the things it shows is the

original size of tires on the vehicle from the factory

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What size speakers are in a 2000 mercury cougar?

5X7 all around

What is the tire size for 2000 Mercury Cougar?

my tire sizes for my cougar are P215/50R16 or go here so you can find your size

What size battery for 2000 Mercury Cougar?

According to the 2000 Mercury Cougar Owner Guide : Both the 2.0 litre four cylinder and the 2.5 litre V6 engines came with the Motorcraft BXT-40R battery ( that's BCI group size 40R )

What size rear shoe brakes do you need for a 2000 Mercury Cougar V6 25L?

Call your local Auto Part store.

What is the size of the battery space in a 2000 mercury cougar v6.the dimensions?

The 2000 Mercury Cougar V6 engine takes a ( BCI Group Size 40 R ) battery The battery dimensions are : Length ( 10.90 inches / 277 mm ) Width ( 6.42 inches / 174 mm ) Height ( 6.88 inches / 175 mm )

What are the Speaker Sizes on a 2000 Mercury Cougar?

all speakers are 5"x7" - its a special size for cars made by ford motor company

What size motor is in the 2000 4 cylinder mercury cougar?

2.0 liter ( 121 cubic inch ) DOHC - 4 cylinder engine

What is the tire size for a 1999 Mercury Cougar V6?


How do you replace the thermostat located on a 1994 Mercury Cougar?

What is the motor size? Run1

What is the speaker size in a 1994 Mercury Cougar XR7?

5x7 or 6x8, either or

What is the stock speaker size for 1996 mercury cougar?

6 x 8

What was the original tire size on a 1973 Mercury Cougar hardtop?


What size speakers are in a 1995 Mercury Cougar?

4x6- not upgradable without sheetmetal modifications.

What size tires are on a stock 2001 Mercury Cougar?

Im pretty sure factory size is 215/55/16

What size wrench is needed to remove the oil drain plug on a 2002 Mercury Cougar?


What size is the spindle nut on a 1999 Mercury Cougar with a v6 engine?

Pretty sure its 34mm

What size battery is needed for 1997 Mercury Cougar key remote?

According to the 1997 Mercury Cougar Owner Guide : Each remote takes ( 2 ) coin type , 3 volt lithium batteries ( # 2016 )

Why would your brand new front brake pads only touch half of the rotor on your 2001 mercury cougar?

For the 1999 cougar they have 2 different size brake rotors it sounds like you need the 276mm size

How do replace the antenna on a 2000 mercury cougar?

If you are asking about replacing the exterior antenna on the cougar, than just twist it counter clockwise to unscrew it. I am not sure what size thread the antenna has on it, but it shouldn't be too hard to find out, and most replacement antennas come with a few different bolts to use.

Where is number one on the distributor for a Mercury Cougar?

Nedd the following information; Year model: Engine size: V8/V6:

What are the speaker size on a 2001 mercury cougar?

5x7 all the way around. Replace with after market 6x8 with 5x7 holes.

What is the correct tire size for a 1995 Mercury Cougar XR7?

215 75 r15 The correct tire size is listed in your owner's manual and on the driver's door post.

What size sub woofer is in a 2000 mercury villager?

Six inches.

Cougar size vs a wolves size?

They are the same size, but the largest wolves are a little smaller than the largest cougar.

What size car battery 1996 mercury cougar?

On a 1996 Mercury Cougar , that came with the 4.6 litre V8 engine : It either came with the Motorcraft BXT-65-650 battery or the optional Motorcraft BXT-65-850 battery ( that's BCI group size 65 , 650 or 850 cold cranking amps with the 4.6 , V8 )