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it is trestrial so it lives in forests.

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When was Red Back Salamander created?

Red Back Salamander was created in 1818.

What To feed red back salamanders?

red back salamander food

What is the life span of a red-back-salamander?

adult red back salamanders appear able to survive for long periods of time; with a few surviving as long as 25 years

Is a red back salamander poisonous?

Only to certain predators.

Is the northern red salamander a vertabrate?

No its a Northern Red Salamander.

How can you tell if a Red Back Salamander is pregnant?

the middle of its belly will turn white

What kind of lizard is red with black spots?

It could be a salamander a black chin-red salamander.

What kind of habitat does a red backed salamander need to survive?

Red back salamanders need a moist, shady and leafy habitat.

Are salamanders dengerous?

some are dangerous some are not the red salamander is an example of an poisonous salamander

What types of salamanders live in the US?

Tiger salamanderEastern Red-backed salamanderBlue-spotted salamanderEastern NewtMudpuppyFour-toed salamander

Why is the red hil salamander the Alabama state salamander?

Possibly because they are very commonplace in Alabama

What does a black salamander look like?

just black with red eye's it's shaped like a salamander

What size is a red salamander?

my salamander is 6 inches hehehehh n i have two, rambo n tamulak

Green lizard with a lime green stripe going down its back is it a gecko or salamander?

If it is a lizard it can't be a salamander because a salamander is an amphibian.

Which state has the salamander as its national amphibian?

There are four states with a salamander as their state amphibian - Alabama, Kansas, South Carolina, and Tennessee. They all have different versions of the salamander, though. Alabama has the Red Hills Salamander, Kansas has the Barred Tiger Salamander, South Carolina has the Spotted Salamander, and Tennessee has the Cave Salamander as a representative.

How many types of salamanders are there?

Salamander SpeciesSalamanders are from the order Caudata. The order is further broken down into the following:Ambystomatidae: Mole salamanders Eastern Tiger SalamanderFlatwoods Salamander (protected)Marbled SalamanderMole SalamanderSmallmouth SalamanderSpotted SalamanderAmphiumidae: Amphiumas One-Toed AmphiumaTwo-Toed AmphiumaThree-Toed AmphiumaCryptobranchidae: Giant salamanders Eastern Hellbender Salamander (protected)Plethodontidae: Woodland or Lungless salamanders Apalachicola SalamanderBrown-backed SalamanderCave SalamanderDusky SalamanderDwarf SalamanderEastern Zigzag SalamanderFour-Toed SalamanderGreen Salamander (protected)Gulf Coast Mud SalamanderLong-Tailed SalamanderMountain Dusky SalamanderRed SalamanderRed Hills SalamanderSeal Salamander (protected)Seepage SalamanderSlimy SalamanderSouthern Dusky SalamanderSouthern Redback SalamanderSouthern Two-Lined SalamanderTennessee Cave SalamanderWebster's SalamanderProteidae: Mudpuppies and Waterdogs Alabama WaterdogBlack Warrior WaterdogMudpuppySalamandridae: Newts Eastern newtsSirenidae: Sirems Greater SirenLesser Siren

What kind of salamander is black with a gold stripe down its back?

It is the gold-striped salamander. It is black with two gold stripes down its back.

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