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Q: What is the region of the sarcomere that contains both actin and myosin?
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What region in a sarcomere does actin and myosin overlap?

z disc

What are the 3 sections along the length of sarcomere?

The three sections along the length of a sarcomere are the A band, the I band, and the H zone. The A band is the dark region in the center of the sarcomere that contains both thick and thin filaments, while the I band is the light region at the ends of the sarcomere that contains thin filaments only. The H zone is the region in the center of the sarcomere where only thick filaments are present.

What is one of the functional units of a myofibril?


What is a actin or myosin containing strucutre?

The basic unit of muscular contraction; the sarcomere.

What do sarcomere contain?

Sarcomeres are composed of actin (thin filaments) and myosin (thick filaments).

Interactions between actin and myosin filaments of the sarcomere are responsible for what?

muscle relaxation

What happens to a sarcomere when muscle length changes?

1. Arrangement of thick and thin filaments: In each sarcomere two sets of actin filaments extend partway toward the center. The myosin filaments are arranged such that they partially overlap the actin filaments. Myosin heads on each side point away from the center of the sarcomere.2. During contraction, the interaction of myosin heads with the actin filaments pulls the thin filaments toward the center of the sarcomere. The actin and myosin filaments slide past each other.3. Cross-bridges = attachement betwn myosin heads and binding sites on actin filaments.4. When a muscle cell is stimulated, myosin heads are energized by ATP. They attach to adjacent actin filaments, and tilt in a short "power stroke" toward the center of the sarcomere. Each power sroke requires an ATP. With many power strokes in rapid succession, the actin filaments are made to slide past the myosin filaments.

What is the H zone A band?

Within skeletal muscle there are muscle fibres... and within muscle fibres there are myofibrils... and within a myofibril there is a sarcomere.Within the sarcomere there are 2 types of bands:-Actin (light)-Myosin (dark)There are different striations of these bands, this is what makes up the muscle fibre:The A band is where actin & myosin overlapp- it contains both myosin & actinThe I band only contains actinThe H zone only contains myosinThe Z line is in the centre of each I band, and marks the start of a sarcomere

What zone of a sarcomere contains no actin?

The H Zone

What is the concept used to explain the action of filaments in muscle contraction?

Actin is the thin filament and contains troposin and tropomyosin. Myosin is the thick filament and contains the myosin heads that will later hydrolyze ATP and essentially "walk" up and down the actin filament thus shortening the sarcomere. Once calcium binds to troposin, tropomyosin will be moved away from the active myosin actin binding site and ATP hydrolysis can begin.

Which myofilament contains actin and myosin?


What is the dark staining area of a sarcomere?

It is a section of the Sarcomere that stretches from one end of the Myosin filament to the other, and also includes parts of the Actin filaments that overlaps it.