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Ethics is basically the unwritten standards of what is right or wrong. It is very conscious related. Politics is "The activities associated with the governance of a country or area." There relation has a lot to do with the fact that government policies and laws have a lot to do with one or many groups' beliefs or ethics.

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Q: What is the relation between ethics and politics?
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What is the relation between ethics and philosophy?

Ethics is considered a branch of philosophy.

What is difference between ethics and politics?

i think ethics is abehavior and politis is rols that you have to follow it

How are politics and philosophy related?

There is no relation between them

What is the relation between ethics and public relations?

ethics is the core concept of the society need for affection and relation .it explain how human should live in this world.public relation satisfy the same need in professional way.

Distinguish between ethics and the law in relation to media law and ethics?

The main difference between law and ethics is that law indicates what journalists must do while ethics indicate what they should do. The law governs their actions while the ethics guide them.

What is the relation between ethics and anthropology?

Anthropology, defined as the study of humankind, which is the only species that has a need for or uses ethics. The study of humankind must include ethics.

What is ethics in politics?


What are the relationships between education and politics?

Its depend on which country do you live? in my country, education is the apposite of politics. so there is a antonym relation between these two munawar

What is the relation between ethics and education?

The relation of them is in some way unified and ignore. In education, it must be to educate an ethics because there is good result in our society.On the other hand, some ignore because they hate to follow good.

What is the relation between ethics and psychology?

Ethics is code of conduct for collective behaviour and individual response. Psychology is an umbrella that connects individual with others.

What is the relation between ethics and human activity?

human are the living things why ethic are group of dance of people who have care them.

What is the difference between ethics and civics?

Civics is the study of government. It educates citizens about the politics of their country and the world around them. Ethics studies morals and the morality of decisions.

What is the difference between Business Ethics and Code of ethics?

difference between ethics and business ethics

What is the difference between non- political and political?

Political: Politics is a process by which groups of people make collective decisions.Non-Political: Not in relation to politics.

The relation between pilitics and business?

The world is shaped unanimously by both politics and business.Business brings money while politics comes with power. You can not have power with out money.

What is indiscipline in relation to Christian ethics?

When you're not disciplined?

Define ethics in relation to education research?


What is geo-politics?

"The theory within the International Relations that describes the relation between politics and territory and comprises the art and practice of analyzing, proscribing, forecasting and using political power over a given territory."

What Relation of ethics from other sciences?

logic, psychology and sociology..

What were Pythagoras's interest's?

Metaphysics, Music, Mathematics, Ethics, Politics

What the difference between civics and ethics?

civics and ethics are deferance or not

What is the role of International Relation in African Politics?

What is the role of International relations in African Politics?

What is the relation between ethics and biological sciences?

The relationship between ethics and biological sciences is an extremely important one. In any science a person needs to know and understand how important it is to be ethically responsible. Without ethics a person of science, or any other field, would be willing and able to be inhumane to people and animals alike.

What is the Difference between logic and ethics?

= What is the Differences between logic and ethics? =

The differentiate between ethics and law?

The differentiate between ethics and law?

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