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Nick only becomes interested in Jordan after Daisy and Tom tell him to introduce a liking towards her. He thinks she is very pretty even though there are many things wrong with her that he doesn't like (i.e. bad driver, dishonest). She pretends like she has no time on her hands even though she is always at parties, and she is very affectionate toward him, signifying that she cares more than she lets on.

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Q: What is the relationship Between Nick Carraway and Jordan Baker?
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Who drives in Gatsby's yellow car to the city?

Tom Buchanan, Jordan Baker and Nick Carraway.

The Great Gatsby characters?

Nick Carraway Daisy Buchanan Tom Buchanan Jay Gatsby Myrtle Wilson George Wilson Jordan Baker

Who are the characters in the Great Gatspy?

Nick Carraway is the narrator. Jay Gatsby (James Gatz) Tom and Daisy Buchanan Jordan Baker Myrtle Wilson

Who are the major characters of The Great Gatsby?

Jay GatsbyNick Carraway (Story told through him)Daisy BuchananTom BuchananMyrtel WilsonGeorge WilsonJordan Baker (Nick's love interest)

What happens between nick and jordan baker at the end of the novel?

Nick breaks up with jordan and he moves back out towards the west. Then jordan tells nick that she is engaged

What does Nick learn about Jordan Baker after he has spent some time with her?

Nick learns that he is very attracted to Jordan Baker

What is Jordan baker's occupation?

Jordan Baker is a professional golfer, who is accused of cheating in a tournament.

Why was Jordan Baker at the Buchanan's?

Jordan was at the Buchanan's because she is friends with them. This is where Nick first see's her

Pay attention to Nick's judgements. What do they reveal about his character that he does this In the Great Gatsby?

Nick Carraway believes he is one of the very few honest people that he knows. Tom Buchanan is supercilious, Jordan Baker is a liar, Myrtle Wilson is pretentious, and Daisy Buchanan is superficial.

What relation does Jordan baker have to daisy?

They are best friends.

What does Jordan baker do for a living?

She is a professional golf player

Who does nick run into at gatsby's party?

Jordan Baker

Who does Nick have a short affair with in Gatsby?

Jordan Baker

What is Jordan Baker famous for?

Jordan Baker is a professional golfer. She is in the elite social society like Daisy and Tom. She dated Nick briefly, but he could tell she was extremely dishonest.

What is Jordan Baker's job in The Great Gatsby?

Jordan Baker is a professional golfer, who is accused of cheating in a tournament.

Whom does Nick meet at Gatsby's party?

Jordan Baker

In the book The Great Gatsby who was a golf champion?

Jordan Baker.

Who does nick spend most his time with at gatsby's?

Jordan Baker

What is Jordan's last name in The Great Gatsby?

Jordan Baker :~)

Did Jordan baker live in east or west egg?


What is the name of daisys friend in The Great Gatsby?

Jordan baker

Who was driving Gatsby's car and who was with him in chapter 7?

jordan baker

Who was notoriously dishonest in The Great Gatsby book?

Jordan Baker

What is jordan's last name in The Great Gatsby?

Jordan Baker :~)

Who is Jordan Wilson?

There isn't a character in the Great Gatsby named Jordan Wilson. There are characters who are named Jordan Baker and Myrtle Wilson though.