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What is the relationship between Elie and his father in the book 'Night' by Elie Wiesel?


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Elie Wiesel and His Father in the Book 'Night'

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  • Elie and his father were especially close at the death camps. They were inseparable, really. They loved each other and would not let that fade and be separated. They would die for one another if it was necessary. His father died. Elie was a witness to it. He never forgave himself for letting the SS man beat his father to death since his father was ill and cried for water to feel better.
  • Elie's relationship with his father is very close. However, the relationship between Elie and his father, Chlomo, changes throughout the novel. At the beginning of the novel, Elie and his father have a fairly close relationship, apart from his father's commitments to the community (not having time for his kin (family). Even in saying that Elie loved and respected his father just as everyone in the community did. But further on in the novel, they drift further and further apart. At some stage, Elie starts to feel that his father is a burden. And at the end Elie has no tears to cry when his father finally dies.