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relation of charge and mass

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well the relationship between mass and force is..........*relationship... Force=mass x acceleration

The relationship between mass communication and sociology

Describe the relationship between mass and weight.

density is the measure that describes the relationship between mass and volume

The more massive a body, the greater the inertia.

Charge is of two types, mass is only of one kindThere are two types of forces (attraction and repulsion) between charges, but there is only one kind (attraction) between massesCharge is quantized, butquantization of mass is not established so farCharge has SI unitcoulomb , the SI unit of mass is kgCharge is conserved, but mass alone is not conserved (Mass + Energy is conserved)Charge cannot exist without a mass, but mass can exist without a net charge

protons have a large mass and positive charge electrons have no mass and negative charge neutrons have mass and no charge

mass corresponds to inertia there isn't any mathematical relationship

There is no intrinsic relationship between mass and length or diameter. A line segment or diameter has no mass. So you can double its length and the mass remains unchanged.

Besides the fact that a mass needs to have some sort of shape there is no relationship.

Mass is uniformly distributed about its center of mass.

The mass will not affect the perio

There is no direct relationship between length and mass.

Density is equal to mass divided by volume. As mass increases so does volume so this is a direct relationship.

Simple relationship: Capacitance is *defined* to be the ratio of charge to voltage: C=Q/V

The higher a charge an object has, the more propulsive or repulsive force it will have on another charged object. The equation for this is very similar to the one for gravity, accept there is a different constant and the charge is used rather than mass.

the atomic number is equal to the number of electrons(-) and protons(+): that is why elements have no charge, as a neutron is neural

Force = mass [times] acceleration.