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What is the relationship between computer and telecommunication?

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What is the relationship between data communication? What is the relationship between data communication?

the role of computer in telecommunication

They are both forms of communication They are both a form of communication; data communication is a subset of telecommunication, telecommunication send data between two links by means of electromagnetic. (Like satellite), while data communication means send data by telecommunication, it consists of codes of 0's and 1's. In computer means, Data communication is digital data and telecommunication is equipped to send digital data to receiver.

What is the relationship between internet and computer

Computer Science = software ECE = hardware + software + telecommunication

Telecommunication engineering deals with the light current while information technology deals with the computer software.

how is mathematics related with computer

The relationship between CAD (Computer aided design) and CAM (computer aided manufacturing) is that both types of designing need to be done on a computer and operated by an engineer.

Explain the relationship between viruses and backups in the computing world.

ict is a subject and computer is a technology(husbin and wife)

A telecommunications system is a collection of nodes and links to enable telecommunication. Examples of telecommunications systems are the telephone network, computer networks and the Internet. The six basic components of a telecommunication system are: Input and output devices. Telecommunication channels.

About the relationship between engineering / architecture and plumbing in building houses. Computer Science looks at how one figures out how to develop algorithms and methods of solving a problem. Computer Programming is the implementation in software code of the algorithm.

the best engineering branch amongest computer technology information technology and electronics and telecommunication engineering is Networking

Computer science isa science which give knoweledge to us.but the computer programing is a program that we are created to operate computer.that is the difference between the computer science and computer programming.

the difference between Telecommunication and Mobile communication that , tele related to wire communication and mobile related to wireless communication

John Kimmins has written: 'Telecommunications security guidelines for telecommunications management network' -- subject(s): Security measures, Telecommunication, Computer networks, Computer security, TMN (Telecommunication system)

combination of telecommunication and computer is called information technology.....

CRAC is the Acronym for Computer Room Air Conditioner

He was known for his theory of electromagnetism where much of modern technology in the telecommunication industry owe their existence.He present a theory that explains the relationship between electric and magnetic phenomenon.

At the end of 2009, computer engineering offers better employment opportunitiesand better earnings potential. But telecommunications engineering is more fun,especially in field operations.

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