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The relationship between Mass Communication and sociology

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There is a link between mass communication and sociology in the context of social values, behaviour, norms and values and so on. With the help of mass communication, the norms and values transmit from one society to another.

sociology of mass communication is an arm of sociology that seeks to study the relationship between the society, social phenomena and the mass media, it archieves this through the application of sociological concepts and empericism. It is necessary to understand that the sociologists study all factors that affects social reality. Yad Dan. Kogi state university Nigeria

Discuss the relivance of sociology to masscommunication

There is a complicated interrelationship between mass communication and culture. Cultures are developed through communication and this is what makes this relationship to be considered as an intimate one.

how can i find the variable between communication and mass communication

f.u .i asked and got nothing in retuen.

Donald A. Hansen has written: 'Mass communication: a research bibliography' -- subject(s): Bibliography, Content analysis (Communication), Mass media 'An invitation to critical sociology' -- subject(s): Social psychology, Sociology 'On education' -- subject(s): Educational sociology

Dyadic communication is communication between two people. A dyad is simply two people, though in communication it is generally used to refer to an interpersonal relationship and the dynamics that it has. Mass communication is the transmission of information to a large number of people simultaneously.

well the relationship between mass and force is..........*relationship... Force=mass x acceleration

Advances in information technology makes mass communication more available. For example, the Internet makes it possible for people to reach more people.

Describe the relationship between mass and weight.

the difference is that communication is singular or one person and mass communication is a lot of people communicating.At a word: any difference between individual and collective

Communication is a relationship between two or more then two persons, when they at a certain time & place, are engaged in the exchange of information through a mutually shared medium. For instance, language, facial expression, music, color etc.Mass communication is a public communication that takes place through the use of mass media. (OR) Such act of communication in which information is made available without restricting who may be the receiver.Difference between Communication & Mass communication1. Technical device is used in Mass communication, where as, 5 senses of human are generally used in Communication.2. In Mass communication, the audience is large, scattered & unidentified to the sender, where as, Audience is identified to the sender in Communication.3. Mass communication is controlled by many gate keepers (who can change or edit the message), where as, Communication is mostly face to face & gate keeping do not involve in it.4. Feed back is delayed in Mass communication, where as, Feed back is quick in communication.

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mass corresponds to inertia there isn't any mathematical relationship

Hanno Hardt has written: 'Social theories of the press' -- subject(s): Social aspects, Sociology, History, Communication, Mass media, Social aspects of Mass media, Social aspects of Communication

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Besides the fact that a mass needs to have some sort of shape there is no relationship.

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mass communication which has to communicate the mass media like radio tv internet group is work which discuss in the group so which is called has group discussing

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