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Math invented technology.


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A math expression is a collection of math terms

Science is what does the discovering, technology is how we use it.

answer my question please. What is the relationship between 14 and 17

Science is nothing without math.. Physics and chemistry are related so far with science.. If there was no math science wouldn't exist, you couldn't calculate the problems in physics and chemistry without mathematics

A cause and effect relationship between the two variables.

the difference between technology and global awareness is that you use technology is that they both show information.

We use technology to learn about science. And we use science to build technology.

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Both engineering and engineering technology uses math boo yaaahhh

Calculaters are technology and they are used for math.

A mapping is a relationship between two sets.

A math expression is a symbol or combination of symbols that represents a quantity or a relationship between quantities.

In order to do science you need math. In order to do math you need to know science.

Science causes technology to be formed. Without science, there would be, and can be, no technology.

I would assume that its the same as a 5 y/o's relationship with clay.

they both have an important rule in a state....

Mathematics is used in all the sciences.

The relationship between math a skateboarding is that some of the tricks use degrees to calculate the angle of the board. Ex: A 360 pop-shuvit twists all the way around before landing it. ----

'The understanding of science makes the improvement of technology possible' Alex Gash

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