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The end of the muscle that is attached to the stationary bone is the point of origin. The muscle end that is attached to the moving bone is the point of insertion, and the action is what the muscle actually does.

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Q: What is the relationship between origin insertion and action of the skeletal muscles?
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How are skeletal muscles attached to bones?

Skeletal muscles attach to bones by Insertion

Are skeletal muscles attached to bones?

Skeletal muscles attach to bones by Insertion

How skeletal muscles work?

by pulling from the insertion towards the origin across a joint

What is the difference between a skeletal muscle's origin and its insertion?

the position at which the end of the muscles is attached by means of a tendon to a movable bone whereas insertion is the attachment of muscles to the movable bone.. also origin is generally closer to the mid line of the body whereas insertion is farther away..

What are the skeletal muscle interactions?

Skeletal muscles work together or in opposition Muscles only pull (never push) As muscles shorten, the insertion generally moves toward the origin Whatever a muscle (or group of muscles) does, another muscle (or group) "undoes"

What is the functional relationship of the skeletal system to the nervous system?

The nervous system activates muscles which move the bones in the skeletal system to which the muscles are attached.

What are the Differences between intrinsic and extrinsic skeletal muscles?

•Intrinsic-Both origin and insertion-contained in a particular region•Extrinsic-Acts upon a designated region,-Origin is elsewhere

What muscles are the muscles that move bones?

These muscles are called "skeletal muscles".

What are two key differences between cardiac muscle and skeletal muscle?

One key difference between cardiac and skeletal muscles is that skeletal muscles are controlled by the nervous system, while cardiac muscles move involuntarily. In addition, cardiac muscles are only found in the heart, while skeletal muscles are found throughout the entire body.

Skeletal muscles between rib cage?


Explain the relationship between the muscular and the skeletal system in the way they function?

The skeletal system includes the bones that are moved by the muscles. The muscles are connected or attached to the bones by tendons. The muscles pull on the bones, approximating certain attachments & many times causing the bones to act like levers.

What is the structural and functional relationship between spinal nerves skeletal muscles and dermatomes?

Each spinal nerve provides the sensory and motor supply of an adjacent muscle mass (destined to become skeletal muscles) and the cutaneous supply of a dermatome (skin segment).

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