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Your grandmother's brother is your great uncle and you are his great niece or great nephew. Your child is his great great niece or great great nephew.

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Your grandmother's brother is your great uncle.

Maternal means from your mother's side and paternal means from your father's side...So, maternal grandma = your mother's motherpaternal grandma = your father's mother,maternal uncle = your mother's brother,paternal uncle=your father's uncle,

There is no word in the English language for a relationship between grandmothers of related grandchildren

There's no such thing. You have two grandmothers: Maternal (mother's mother) and paternal (father's mother). Fraternal means "brother."

Relatives on your Dad's side are Paternal.Relatives on your Mom's side are Maternal.Your father's brother is therefore... your PATERNAL Uncle

He is referred to as your 'Brother-in-law."

your mom's brother would be your uncle

your dad's brother would be your uncle

No, there is no relationship between the two of you.

Your daughter is your brother's niece. Your brother is your daughter's uncle

No, there is no relationship between the two of you other than what you stated in the question. The introduction would be, "This is Tom Jones, the brother of my sister's husband."

The relationship between the families of inlaws is similar to the relation ship with their family members. For example The relationship of my brother in law(sister's husband) and my another brother in law (wife's brother) will be simmilar to those relation ships with their brother's family.

The English language recognizes no family relationship between you and your wife's brother's wife's brother.

Your son's wife is your daughter-in-law. Her brother is your son's brother-in-law, but the English language has no word for a relationship between you and him. You are not considered to be related to him.

Your father's brother is your uncle. You are his niece (if you are female) or his nephew (if you are male).

Maternal because it is your mothers brother

Genetic genealogy used DNA testing to determine the level of relationship between two individuals. It is used to find out if people share genetic realtions either a brother or sister and to find out the paternal or maternal lineage of a given person.

A brother and a sister, both being children of the same parents, are siblings.

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