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What is the relative molecular mass of phosphoric acid?


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The rmm of phosphoric acid is 97.976898.

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The molar mass of phosphoric acid is 97,99 g.

The RMM of sulfate ion is 96u. In sulfuric acid, two protons are attached to a sulfate ion. Hence its relative molecular mass is 96+2=98.

The relative molecular mass of sulfate ion is 96. Sulfuric acid molecule has two protons attached to it. Therefore the GMM of sulfuric acid is 98g.

The relative molecular mass of hydrogen gas is 2.

the relative molecular mass or molecular weight of a compound is the mass of a molecule of the compound relative to the mass of a carbon atom taken as exactly 12.

Molecular Mass Of Sulphuric Acid Is 98

Phosphoric acid has the formula H3PO4 so if you add up these numbers from the periodic table you find the Molar mass of phosphoric acid is 98 (1+1+1+31+16+16+16+16). this is the mass (in grams) of one mol of phosphoric acid (or 6.02 x 10^23 atoms of phosphoric acid) So times this number by 0.4 to find the mass of 0.4mol of phosphoric acid=39.2 grams

H3PO4, or phosphoric acid, has a molecular weight of 98.00 grams per mole. It is 65.31 percent oxygen, 31.61 percent phosphorous and 3.08 percent hydrogen by mass.

It is known as Phosphoric acid Molar mass 98.00 g/mol

Relative molecular mass is obtained.It is about 17

It has a relative molecular mass of 100

Molecular mass of sulfuric acid is 98 u. Molecular mass of potassium and nitrate ions are 39 and 62 respectively. The molar mass of potassium nitrate is 101u.

Molar mass of lauric acid is 200.32g/mol.

The molecular mass of a compound is the sum of the chemical elements weights contained in the molecule.

The molecular maass of sulfuric acid (98,08) is greater than the molecular mass of water (18).

The relative atomic masses of sulfur, oxygen and hydrogen are 32, 16 and 1 respectively. The molecular formula of sulfuric acid is H2SO4. Therefore, sulfuric acid has a mass number of 98 g/mol.

The molecular mass of carbonate ion is 60u. Carbonic acid molecule has two protons attached to it. Therefore, its molecular mass is 62u.

Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, widely abbreviated as EDTA, has a molecular mass of 292.24 g/mol

Molar mass of butanoic acid, CH3CH2CH2COOH, is 88.11 g.mol−1

The molecular mass of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is 176,1241 and the chemical formula is C6H8O6.

As they are isobars, they have the same relative molecular mass.

Hydrochloric Acid is a Compound. Molecular formula: HCl Molecular Mass: 36.46 g/mol

It is the mass of a given molecule in relation to 1/12th the mass of a C-12 atom.

Moles = Mass/ Relative Molecular Mass Aluminum forms Al2 compounds, so the relative molecular mass is 2 * 13 = 26. 856/26 = 32.9 (3sf)

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