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"Wicca" is supposedly the religion practiced by witches. It's pagan, but supposedly does not involve human sacrifice.

Not all witches believe in Wicca. All the witches that believe in Wicca are good witches, because they believe that every spell you cast comes back to you three times as strong, so they only cast good spells. Imagine, casting a spell for warts on someone and having it come back three times as strong!!

None of that information is accurate or informative. Actually, Wicca is a religion solely invested in nature. They do not worship deities but rather work with mother earth and other celestial bodies (such as the moon or the sun). What the person above was speaking about is something called the Wiccan Rede and it speaks of the ideals of Karma. However, not all Wiccans believe in Karma and even further, not all Wiccans practice witchcraft. Also, Wicca is hardly Pagan. Paganism is just another term for polytheism. There are no deities involved in Wicca, so there can't be many deities involved.

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Wicca is a polytheistic Neo-Pagan nature religion whose central deity is a mother goddess and a father god and which includes the use of herbal magic and harmless witchcraft. Wicca is a derivation and modernisation of Paganism. Hence, why many areas in Wicca are very similar to those in Paganism.

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Wicca is a pagan witchcraft religion which became known to the general public around 1954. Wicca is a complex religion with no single leader or authority figure.

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Q: What is the religion definition of wicca?
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Is there a Wicca word for sister?

No. Wicca is a religion, not a language.

What is the difference between pagans and wiccans?

Paganism, by definition, is any various religion outside of Christianity, Judaism, or Islam. Wicca is a type of Paganism, and falls under its umbrella. A comparison would be like saying Christianity is a religion, but Southern Baptist is a form of religion that comes under Christianity as a whole. More specifically, Pagan means "country dweller", where Wicca means "witchcraft". One does not have to participate in Wicca in order to be a pagan, but those who practice Wicca are all considered Pagans by default.

When was wicca recognized as a religion In Tennessee?

Wicca is a newer religion based on a mix of Saxon/Celtic folk traditions and Ceremonial magic. It was officially called Wicca by Gerald Gardener in the 50's. In the United States, Wicca was finally recognized as a religion in various states and by the Army in response to it's soldiers wanting to practice their faith without persecution.

What religion is fastest growing?

Wicca is the faest growing religion

What is the wicca meaning of a red circle around the moon?

what is the Wicca definition of red circle in moon?

Is wicca a legal religion in the UK?


What religion deals with flames and smoke?


What religion emphasizes coexistence with nature?


Is there such thing as Wicca?

Yes, of course! Wicca is a religion just as Christianity is a religion. It is based on the beliefs of nature, and is in no way evil or dark. ----- Yes - it is a fertility based initiatory mystery religion.

Are there afro american wicca?

As Wicca is a religion focusing not on race, but on the belief structures of the individual, there is not (to my knowledge) a specific African-American Wicca. If you are asking if there is a participation by African-Americans in wicca, then the answer is yes.

Who belongs to wicca relegion?

Wicca is not a religion in the generally perceived sense of the word - it is a pagan spiritual practice.

Does Wicca exist?

Yes, Wicca does exist. Wicca is a pagan revivalist religion that incorporates many ancient Celtic traditions with other pagan pantheons.