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Q: What is the respiratory rate of 6-10 old year child during walking?
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What is respiratory rate of a 1year old child?


What is the normal respiratory rate of a 12 month old?

the normal respiratory rate for a 14month old child is 20-32 breaths per min.

What is the normal respiratory rate for child when asleep?

12 to 16 breaths per minute (BPM)

What is the respiratory rate for a cow?

A normal respiratory rate for a healthy mature cow would be 8-16 breaths per minute. This may be increased during hot weather.

What is the normal respiratory rate for an child and what will be the first sign of respiratory distress?

Children have different breathing rates. I assume you're asking about resting breathing rate, so this is what I'll discuss. If the child is overweight or obese, the child's breathing rate will be faster and deeper in order to get a sufficient amount of oxygen to the body. If the child is asthmatic, or has a respiratory illness, they too may have deeper breathing at rest. Respiratory distress as you call it may be the child looking pale. They may struggle to breath (wheezing), or breath too often sharply (hyperventilation). You should tell a child who's having breathing difficulty to breathe at you're rate. If they look faint etc, call an ambulance immediately, and prepare to give emergency first aid if they fall unconscious( hypothetically speaking of course). If you believe your child has respiratory issues, see your local Doctor or GP.

What is the normal respiratory rate in 4 years aged child during sleep?

The normal breathing rate for a 4 month old baby is between 30 and 60 breaths per minute. It will depend on if the child is awake and active or sleeping.

What happens to heart rate during respiratory depression?

your hart would stop and you would die

How does emotion affect the respiratory rate?

Strong emotions can cause the respiratory rate to increase.

What happens to respiratory rate when you change posture?

Why does the respiratory rate change depending on age?

What does it mean when a 15 month old has a respritory rate of 66?

Are you sure you don't mean a heart rate of 66? A respiratory rate of 66 would mean the child is taking a breath more than once per second and this would indicate respiratory distress. Also, this would not be able to be sustained for any length of time with out the child losing consciousness.

Normal respiratory rate for a 17 year old male?

Respiratory rate, which is also called breathing rate, is the same for teens as adults. There should be between 12 and 16 breaths per minute. However, as a child enters later teens his/her resting breathing rate should decrease slightly from what it was in his/her early teens.

What are 3 characteristics of a respiratory surface?

The three characteristics of a respiratory rate are rate, depth, and rhythm.