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they would create a zygote.

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Q: What is the result of a male gamate fertilizing a female gamate?
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What is the Result of male gamete fertilizing a female gamete?

The result of a male gamete fertilizing a female gamete is a zygote.

What is the Result of a male gamete fertilizing a female gamete?

The result of a male gamete fertilizing a female gamete is a zygote.

Result of a male gamete fertilizing a female gamete?

The fertlized female gamete starts to develop a baby

What are the male gametes and the female gametes?

the male gemete is sperm and the female gamate is egg or Ovum

What is a male gamate?

the sperm

What is male gamate?


What is ferterlisation?

In reproduction, the fusion of male and female gamate in (eg. Humans)or ouside(eg. Fish) female is called fertilization.

How do you know if the male and female flowerhorn is done breeding?

When the female stops laying eggs and the male stops fertilizing them.

Does a female fish have to have a male fish to have eggs?

All female creatures develop eggs with or without a male. The male is only needed to do the fertilizing. So the answer is no.

What is the male and female gamets are the result of?

male and female gametophytes respectively

Gamate-producing process that occurs in male reproductive organs?


What is the mobile male gamate that carries 23 paternal chromosomes?

a sperm.

What parts of the flower is concerned the production of male gamate?

Anther lobe

What age do female humans start fertilizing eggs?

Females don't fertilize eggs it is the male that fertilizes the eggs

What is the result of meiosis in male and female animals?

The production of male and female reproductive cells/gametes.

How do you be a piplup?

If you're male, get Impish as your result. If you're female, get Quirky as your result.

What is the echidna method of fertilization?

They breed like any other mammal with the male covering and fertilizing the female, but instead of live young the female lays a single egg in a pouch.

The formation of a zygote is the result of?

Fusion of male and female gametes.

How do you become chimchar?

If you're male, get Naive as your result. If you're female, get Impish as your result.

How does human reproduce?

The reproduction in humans is a sexual type of reproduction. It includes fusion of motile male gamate spermatozoa and non motile female ovum. The fertilisation leads to production of a diploid zygote.

What is the difference gamete formation in male animals from the gamate in female animals?

The difference is that the name is different and some animals are different. Like the lion the male ones have furaround its head and the female ones have nothing.2. The difference is that the gamete in men produces 4 sperm, and in the female it makes 4 as well, but only 1 is used.

What combinition of sex chromosomes result in a male human being?

XY=male; XX=female…

A male cell capable of fertilizing an egg?

Sperm cell.

How do fish get it on?

They don't have sex if that's what you mean? They swim around in a small area and the female lays the eggs in a certain area while the male swims around directly after/beside the female, fertilizing them.

How are kittens made?

Kittens are made when a female cat and a male cat love each other they have sexual intercourse. The male cat's penis goes into the female's vagina and the sperm meets the eggs, fertilizing them. After 6 to 8 weeks the female cat gives birth to 1 to 7 kittens.