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Q: What is the result of black codes?
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What are facts about black codes?

black codes

When were the black codes?

The Black codes Were in 1865.

What caused African Americans to be treated like slaves under president Johnson's for Reconstructions?

The Black Codes

What are five black codes?

What are the five Black Codes?

What is the definition of black codes?

The "Black Codes" only applied to Black people.

When did the black codes end?

Black Codes ended in 1865

Who made the black codes?

southerners made black codes

How did congress abolish black codes?

how did congress abolish the black codes

How were black codes similar to slavery?

how were the black codes similar to slavery?

The Black Codes were written for what purpose?

The Black Codes were written to control Black people slave as well as free. Whites were not subject to these codes that is why they were named "The Black Codes". **The black codes weren't even created until after slavery was abolished. The black codes were basically created to replace slavery and make Black people in the South subservient again.

Who was adversely affected by the black codes?

Black people were adversely affected by these black codes because the black codes limited the rights of African Americans.

How can you use black codes in a sentence?

I didn't know the black codes locked the game, while blue codes let me play.Black codes have uses, though I don't know what.People who believe in black codes also wear black boots.

What did the Black Codes do?

The Black Codes limited the freedoms of African-Americans, and that wasn't fair. The Black Codes pretty much segregated the African Americans from the Whites.

Effects of the black code?

The purpose of the black codes were to keep black people from voting. The result was the 15th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States which prohibited using race as a reason to prevent people from voting.

Who was against the black codes?

black people

Who enacted the black codes and what did they entail?

The Black Codes were enacted by Andrew Johnson and they entail.......... finish it

What is the difference beween slave codes and black codes?

Slave codes were used to get slaves to work harder, but painfully. Black codes disallowed black people to own land, guns, and take certain jobs.

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When were the black codes passed?

The "black codes was passed by Southern states to limit rights of blacks in 1866.

Explain the importance of the black codes?

It led to the creation of the Fourteenth Amendment, which was designed to nullify the Black Codes.

When one trait is blended with another trait this is an example of what?

When the phenotype (trait) is a mixture of what the different alleles code for, it is known as incomplete dominance. For example: - if B codes for black fur, and b codes for white fur - incomplete dominance would result in grey fur (a mix of black and white) for a rabbit with Bb alleles. - if R codes for red flowers, and r codes for white flowers - incomplete dominance would result in pink flowers for a plant with Rr alleles.

Why did they make the black codes?

"They" made the black codes because "they" still wanted slavery. so they made black codes in several states to restrict free slaves from many natural rights. basically the 14th amendment was for nothing until black codes ended.

What were some of the infamous black codes?

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