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The retail price will be 400 dollars. This is a high markup percent. You can get so many deals by participating in auctions or going through wholesale places.

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A toy store's markup rate is 28 percent of the wholesale price What is the retail price of a toy that has a wholesale price of 8?

simply multiply the wholesale price by the percentage markup (in this case 28%) to get the answer, for example: 8 x 0.28= 2.24 then add the answer to the original price 8 + 2.24= 10.24

Wholesale price is 80 and percent of markup is 95 percent percent percent what is the sale price?

The sale price is $156.00

How to calculate Mark up opportunity cost?

For Retail Price question....If Retail price is 12,995. Markup % is 12. what was the wholesale price?

Wholesale price 23 markup 18 percent what is the new price?

The new price is 27.14

What is the formula in excel to add 20 percent to a retail price?

Retail_price*(1+Markup) Note "Retail price" is cell location containing retail price "Markup" is cell location containing markup value (.2 formatted as %)

Does net price refer to manufactures suggested retail price or wholesale price?

Net price is wholesale pricing. This usually indicates that the manufacturer does not have a set retail price for its product, and whatever you retail the product for is up to you. So check with your competitors as to what is the average markup on that product for your industry.

What is the difference in buying spa products at wholesale and retail price?

There is a large difference between wholesale and retail prices for any product. Wholesale price are much lower so the retailer is able to markup the price and make a profit off the sale of the item.

What is the retail price for, original price: $64; Markup: 15%?

First we have to find the markup amount, which is the original price times the markup percentage: $64 * 15% This is the same as: $64 * 0.15 = $9.60 Now we add the markup amount to the original price to get the retail price: $64 + $9.60 = $73.60 The retail price is $73.60

What is the retail price of an item that costs 800.00 and has a 45 percent markup?

45% of 800 is 360 so retail price would be 1160.

What is the wholesale price for a item sells for 213.90 at 130 percent markup price?

The formula is: 1.3y = 213.90 Where y = wholesale price. Solving for y: y = 213.90 / 1.3 y = $164.54

How do pricing percentage markups work For instance does 100 percent markup double the price Or would that be a 200 percent markup?

100 percent markup will double the price. 200 percent markup would triple the price. (For markup read increase.)

What is retail price markup on lawn and garden equipment?

The retail price markup is usually 100 percent. Lawn and garden equipment sells at high prices at the beginning of the season and is usually lowered as the season goes along.

If the retail price of an item is 21 and the retail gross profit margin is 33 percent what is the wholesale cost?


What is the difference between SRP and wholesale price a health food store pays say GNC?

Wholesale price is the price paid when buying on bulk. Usually a discounted prices. Srp is the suggested retail price or the markup suggested by the supplier or manufacturer.

Wholesale price 18 Markup percent 105?

Selling price = 18 + 18 x 105% = 18 + 18 x 105/100 = 36.90

A bookstore markup for a textbook is 40 percent what is the wholesale price for a textbook that sells for50.75?

From the problem statement, the sale price equals the wholesale price multiplied by (1 + 40 %) = 1.40. Therefore, call the unknown wholesale price w, and w(1.40) = 50.75, or w = 50.75/1.4 = 36.25.

What effect does increasing the retail and wholesale margins have on the manufacturer's selling price?

It may have no effect if the retail price is raised. You can increase the retail and wholesale price margins by increasing the retail price, decreasing the manufacturers selling price or a combination of both.

How do you calculate the wholesale price if the retail price is A and the mark up is B percent?

It is A*(1+B/100) which equals A + A*B/100

What is the selling price if it cost 15 and the percent of markup is 15?

The selling price would be 17.25 if it cost 15 and the percent of markup is 15.

How do you use the word wholesale in a sentence?

I bought it wholesale.The wholesale and retail prices differ.

What is the formula for markup 30 percent?

Multiply the pre-markup price by 1.3

If you brought something at wholesale price for 1.50 and sold this item for 20 what would the markup price be?

It is $18.50.

What if your store buys notebooks for 2.00 each and sells them at the retail price of 3.00 The markup percent based on cost is what percentage?

Cost = 2.00 Markup = 3.00-2.00 = 1.00 Markup as percentage of cost = 1.00/2.00 * 100 = 50 %

If the selling price is 18.00 snd the markup is 33 percent what is the dollar markup?


A tradesman allows a discount of 15 percent on the written price how much above the cost price must he mark his goods to get a profit of 19 percent?

p=wholesale price, m=markup p*m*(1-.15)=p*1.19 m*.85=1.19 m=1.19/.85=1.40 His markup must be at least 40%.

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