What is the riders weight limits for 11 hands high Welsh Pony?

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How can you tell when a pony is too small for the rider?

Really the ponies weight depends on this. Take the weight of your pony. Then find 23% of your pony's weight, and that is how much weight it can carry including rider and tack. . Example:. Your pony weighs 600 pounds, 23% of 600 equals 138 pounds. You and your tack weigh 130 pounds all together. ( Full Answer )

What is the scientific name for a Welsh Pony?

the welsh ponies are split into sections, as they have changed over the years. they are split into sections a , b , c , d , e and they have different colours and heights.

Where do Welsh ponies come from?

Welsh ponies originated in Wales. Welsh people come from the same place, but this may be a coincidence.

How many hands high is a pony?

A pony is under 14.2 hands high and on the other hand the horse is 14.2 hands high and over.

How high is a pony?

14.1 and below. Also if you show English a pony is up to 14.2 and western is 14.0 i have a pony and he is a appaloosa X welsh and he is 14.2 .14.0-14.2

How big are Welsh mountain ponies?

10.2 to 14.2 hh. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! i breed welshies and welsh mountain ponies (sec A) are 10.2hh-12hh, welsh ponies (sec B) are 12hh-13hh, welsh ponies of cob type are 13hh-14hh and welsh cobs are 14hh-16.2hh!!!! i breed them, ride them, show them and judge them so i know what I mean.. Email M ( Full Answer )

What is the average height of a Welsh pony?

Welsh Cobs are about 12.2 hands, Welsh pony section B, about 13.3, Section C, 13.2, and Section D has no height limit, but is usually around 13.3-14.1 hands.

What does a Welsh pony usually weigh?

there are many welsh sections- section a,b,c and d a is the smallest they probably weigh anywhere from 450-600 b- 550-700 c-700-800 and d-800-1000 welsh ponies are a small breed

Are welsh cobs ponies?

Yes, they are ponies, but they can grow to be over 14.2hh which may prevent them from being entered as ponies or in pony classes at shows or registering them as ponies.

Weight of a pony?

The weight of a pony depends on a breed and the size of the pony.

What colors do Welsh ponies come in?

Welsh ponies can come in many diffrerent varieties of colours but the main colour a welsh ponie would be is dapple grey/white. here are a list of colours welsh ponies can come in. . Bay . Brown . Black . dapple grey . Roan . white . chestnut . Skewbald . or patched Answer 2: Welsh ( Full Answer )

How much weight can a welsh pony hold?

depends on the height my sisters 12.2 can hold 8 stone but my mates 14hh can only hold 9 stone. i have a 14.2hh that holds 10 stone but he is stocky it depends on height really. alice. 20 yrs riding experince 10 loans 19 owns. groom for 5 yrs

How much does a Welsh Pony eat?

It depends on the size of the pony. If it is large, 14 hands or more, it may eat as much as a larger horse. On the other hand, if it is very small, it will eat as little as a Exmoor. Hope this answer was helpful!

How much should 15.1 hands high horse weight?

A horses weight isn't really in relation to his height so much as it is to their over all conformation. A 15.1 hand horse could be really stocky and heavily muscled or thin and narrow. To find a horses actual weight you need a seamstress' measuring tape, a calculator and a pencil and paper. Measure ( Full Answer )

What is the habitat of the Welsh Mountain Pony?

The habitat of the welsh pony is in basically in the mountains, where that's why they are sure footed and hardy, and originate from Wales in the United kindom. Their (natural) habbitats are the welsh mountains and moorland.

What does the Welsh mountain pony eat?

Welsh Mountain Ponies eat beetle larvae which are found in the ponies' dung. That IS NOT correct.. You should feed your welsh a good timothy or grass hay.

What is the weight limit for an 11 year old?

80 - 110 pounds. I would say alittle more because i am 11, 4'8" and weigh 147.9 lbs and my doctor says i am a healthy weight. so i would say 90-200lbs

How old can a welsh pony live for?

dont know how long they live for but my one has lived for 40 years so i would cosider if brining on one you should know the might just live to 3 digets

Who were the riders for pony express?

The riders for the pony express had to know how to ride REALLY Good. They would ride at day at night and have to watch out for dangers. Most old ads said they were looking for wiry fellows who were younger maybe in their older teen ages. the government prefered orphans, so if the riders got hurt, th ( Full Answer )

What was the Salary for a Pony Express rider?

Riders received $25 dollars per week at a time when unskilled labor was paid $1 per week. Imagine working two weeks and getting paid for a year of work.

What types of Welsh ponies are there?

there are four welsh pony 'sections': section a- The Section A Welsh Pony is also known as the Welsh Mountain pony. the section a may not exceed 12.2hh section b- The Welsh Pony of Riding Type. the maximum height of the section b is 13.2hh. section c- The Welsh Pony of Cob Type. May not exceed ( Full Answer )

What kindf temperment does a welsh pony have?

I always depends on the pony. Every horse and pony is different- just like humans! If your looking to buy one, look for one with the kind of personality that you want.

What jobs are Welsh ponies good for?

It completely depends on the type and build of the pony, but so far as their history goes... Originally Welsh Ponies were used by farmers for herding their sheep over the mountains and moorland of Wales. True Welsh Ponies should be very hardy with great hooves and legs and have the ability to carry ( Full Answer )

Where do Welsh ponies live?

Welsh ponies originated in Wales in the United Kingdom. However,Welsh ponies can live and be bred anywhere in the world.

What size halter do you get for a welsh mountain pony?

Well that would depend on the manufacturers sizes. However since Welsh 'A's tend to be smaller ponies with refined head a halter sized for a small pony or pony in general would probably fit fine.

How old do welsh mountain ponies live?

Welsh Mountain ponies or Section A's live about the same length of time that any other pony breed would. 15 to 40 years on average. Pony's live longer than horses do on average of course.

How much should a 13.2 hand haflinger pony weight?

The weight of a horse or pony is not effected by it's height. You should look at the horses over all build, activity level, and health to see if it is the correct weight. To find a horse or pony's current weight you can measure the horse around the heart girth area and write that number down, then m ( Full Answer )

When is good age to breed a welsh pony?

There is no one best age. However you should never breed any horse under 2 years old for safety and health reasons. It should also be noted that the pony should have good conformation, a nice temperament and be well proven under saddle before breeding. For all of that criteria to be filled the pony ( Full Answer )

What colours is a welsh hackney pony?

Well since the Welsh pony and the Hackney pony are separate breeds on their own I'll assume you are asking about a cross of those two breeds. A Cross between those two breeds can have any of the available colors and markings found in either breed. a specific horses color will be determined by the ge ( Full Answer )

What type on welsh mountain pony is it if it is 12.2hh?

Welsh Mountain Ponies that are 12.2hh or below are classified as being Section A. There are other sections such as Section B, C & D. Here is a link to look at the other sections of the Welsh Pony: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Welsh_Pony_and_Cob