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What is the rising action in novel hatchet by Gary paulsen?

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Because it was about a hatchet.

Hatchet has been banned for its inclusion of graphic descriptions of trauma and injury.

Hatchet, the 1987 novel by Gary Paulsen, takes place largely in the Canadian wilderness.

Fear that the boy will not make it and relief when he lives.

The rising action in this novel is when Cathy dies

Rising action is basically everything in the story leading to the climax. The rising action of the novel May Day Eve is the falling in love of the two main characters.

Hatchet - novel - has 195 pages.

The rising action in The Notebook are all the events that lead up to the climax. The rising action in The Notebook would be Allie trying to decide who she wants to marry, Noah or Lon.

The ISBN of Soldier's Heart - Gary Paulsen novel - is 0385324987.

The rising action of animal farm is a growing discontent sparked by Old Major's speech. This in turn leads to the rebellion.

Hatchet - novel - was created on 1987-09-30.

The River - Gary Paulsen novel - was created in 1991-06.

The introduction, the rising action, the climax, the falling action and the conclusion. Characters, settings, themes, and plot.

Soldier's Heart - Gary Paulsen novel - has 128 pages.

the turning point in a novel or where the problem begins (leads to the "rising action")

Soldier's Heart - Gary Paulsen novel - was created on 1998-09-08.

In the novel "Cry, the Beloved Country", the rising action occurs when protagonist, Stephen Kumalo, the father, travels to Johannesburg, South Africa in search of his son.

The ISBN of Rising Sun - novel - is 0394589424.

When Jane realizes that Mr Rochester has a wife still living

The rising action of Invisible Man begins with the narrator's acceptance into the Brotherhood and follows him through his work with the organization and the deterioration of Harlem, culminating in the climax of the novel: the riots of Harlem.

The ISBN of Rising Storm - novel - is 978-0060525637.

This was when Jim found the treasure map at the inn, and their voyage starts to Treasure Island

The Rising - LaHaye novel - has 350 pages.

Rising Sun - novel - has 385 pages.

Valhalla Rising - novel - has 531 pages.

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