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Q: What is the rising action of Just Once by Thomas J Dygard?
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Who is the author of just once?

The author of ""JUST ONCE"" is thomas J. Dygard.

How is the little is just one suitable to the story... the story is Just Once by Thomas J Dygard?

because the story is about Moose wanting to carry the ball just once to see how it is. if he likes it or not.

How is a rising action important in a story?

Rising action is important to a story because it leads to the climax which the climax is the middle of the story. The rising action usually is just ending introducing the characters and getting to the climax.

What is the rising action of That summer by Sarah Dessen?

I would say that the rising action is just before Haven has a break down, and runs away.

How do you get the rising action?

The rising action just means all the little things that build up to the high point of the story, which is called the climax.

What comprises the rising action of the short story?

"Rising action" is just what we call the series of conflicts and increasing tension that lead to the climax of the story.

What is the rising action of the ant and the grasshopper?

The rising action in the story The Ant and the Grasshopper was when the grasshopper asked the ant to stop gathering food for the winter and just chat with him. The rising action is the event or series of events that lead up to the climax of the story.

What is the rising action in the book liesl and po?

The rising action in Liesl and Po is when the box is accidentally switched and the strong magic is released. Many readers feel that the book took too long to reach the rising action point and just dragged on.

What is the rising action in hoot?

It's just saving the burrowing owls

What is the rising action in mike lupica summer ball?

Just read the book

Rising action in on the sidewalk bleeding?

The rising action is when the 3 person (drunken man, the couple and the old lady) come to the scene and either failed to help him or just did see him at all.

What is the rising action in the book schooled?

1. Identify the beginning 2. Identify the climax 3. Read everything between the two 4. Ta-da! You just read the rising action.

What was the rising action of the blind side?

no because that was just one movie and one movie alone

What is the rising action of the story your move by eve bunting?

It's when James just finished tagging the 405 sign

What is an example of imagery in call of the wild?

You go and take crayon and color the graph yellow then you have just rising action

What is the rising and falling actions in the minister's black veil?

There is really not a rising action if you think about it. There is just a constantly increasing tension because the minister will not tell the reason for concealing his face with the veil

In the story of just once by thomas j dygard What does moose want and what is keeping him from getting it?

The 'Moose' wants to change his role from left tackle to carrying the football. He wants the kind of recognition that goes along with scoring a touchdown. The coach for the Bedford City Bears denies the 'Moose's' request.

What was the rising action of flowers for algernon?

Charlie starts to notice that he also will start to go back to the way he was before, just like Algernon.

What is a star rising just before dawn?

A star rising just before dawn.

What stage of a plot immediately precedes the climax?

The rising action is the stage of the plot that leads up to and comes just before the climax. The part that comes after the climax, but before the conclusion, is called the falling action.

What are two rising actions in the graveyard book?

The two rising action in The Graveyard book are when the baby's (Bod) family is being murderd and he narrowly escapes into the graveyard where Silas confronts The Man Jack and erases his memory say that he just heard a fox.

Is a dramatic plot structured in the same way as a short story?

All plots are basically structured the same. You just have longer to tell them in a novel than you do in a short story. You still have a beginning, rising action, climax, falling action, and ending.

Where in the plot pattern do we see the tension peak?

The tension peak is also called the climax. It occurs just before the end of the story and is followed only by falling action or denouement.

Why doesn't rising air just keep rising all the way into space?


How do rising gas prices affect teenagers?

The rising gas prices will affect teenages just as the rising gas prices affect everyone.

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