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I would definitely discuss with your ob/gyn or even your family physician.

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Q: What is the risk of having another placental abruption after having one normal pregnancy and one with placental abruption with no risk factors?
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What are risk factors for placental abruption?

older age of the mother, history of placental abruption during a previous pregnancy, high blood pressure, diabetes, collagen vascular diseases, the presence of a type of uterine tumor called a leiomyoma, twins, triplets, or other multiple pregnancies.

Can placental abruption cause aspiration pneumonia?

Aspiration pneumonia is a risk factor. In addition to other risk factors, it is the result of premature exposure, and pregnancy trauma.

How often is a cesarean section performed because of other serious factors?

The remaining 14% of c-sections, including prolapse of the umbilical cord, "placental abruption", "placental previa" or the baby is in a transverse position, lying horizontally across the pelvis.

Does anyone have experiences with placental abruption?

hi. im about to tell u my story. tomorrow is my daughters 6th birthday,heart breakingly as she was stillborn due to placenta abruption.This also happened with my first pregnancy,thankfully i have a twelve yr old daughter as she survived. after my first abruption i should have been given advice on falling pregnant again,alas this was not given.i have found some facts from the net that have helped tell me why this happened to me. 1 smoking 2.this happens to female babies more than males in the womb. 3.stress. 4.not enough rest. 5.diabetes. i hope your pregnancy goes well and wish you all the joy in the world with this baby. i also have a wee boy and that pregnancy went fine. I am now six months pregnant and doing fine; however, at 1 month I had what they said was placental abruption. I just started bleeding one day for no reason. I was put on 7 days of bed rest, went back for another ultrasound, and they could find nothing wrong at all. It was a miracle of God, no doubt, due to fervent prayer from many friends and family. I do not smoke or have any other risk factors. I have a 4 year old son and experienced no problems with him at all. Hopefully all will continue to go well.

Why are baby's premature?

maternal factors-Preeclampsia (high blood pressure during pregnancy)Chronic medical illness (ex. Heart or kidney disease)Infection (ex. group B streptococcus, urinary tract infection, vaginal infections, infections of fetal/placental tissues…)Drug useAbnormal structure of uterusCervical incompetence (inability of cervix to stay closed during pregnancy)Previous preterm birthFactors involving pregnancy:Abnormal/decreased function of placentaPlacenta previa (low lying position of placenta)Placental abruption (early detachment from uterus)Premature rupture of membranes (amniotic sac)Polyhydramnios (too much amniotic fluid)Factors involving fetus:When fetal behavior indicates the environment within the uterus is not healthyMultiple babies (twins, triplets, etc.)"Prematurity." University of Virginia Health System. Web. 7 Jan. 2010.

What can cause recurrent miscarriage?

Recurrent miscarriage can be caused by several factors, including fetal, placental, or maternal abnormalities.

What is another word for factors?

variables could be used as another word for factors

Is autism caused by using drugs during pregnancy?

No, Autism is not caused by drug use during pregnancy. Autism is a result of genetic factors, not environmental factors. That is not to say that doing drugs during pregnancy doesn't cause other serious problems.

Can you get Medicaid for pregnancy if your married?

You can get Medicaid for your pregnancy, whether or not you're married, if you meet the eligibility factors, such as income, citizenship, etc.

Factors leading to early of pregnancy of college students?

Unprotected sex.

What are the factors affecting teenage pregnancy?

there are many factors affecting teenage pregnancy several are the mass media, alcohol, the family, sex education, drug use, peer pressure, a fatherless home & lonlieness.

What causes period to be late?

Many factors, pregnancy and stress are most common!

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