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What is the risk of using a 75-watt light bulb in fixtures that are marked that 60-watt bulbs should be used?


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The excess heat from too large a bulb will shorten the life of the bulb in an enclosed fixture. Also, there is always the danger of too large a bulb causing overheating in the wiring and a possible fire. Never use a bulb larger than the fixture was designed to handle. If you want more light why not use compact fluorescent lamp? CFLs take about one fifth of the power that a normal incandescent lamp takes and give the same light output. So with a 15 watt CFL you could have the extra brightness you want (as if from a normal 75 watt bulb), the light fixture would not be at risk of overheating - and if you use the lamp for more than about an hour a day you should even save money on your electricity bills! You could even use a 20 watt CFL (giving the same output as a 100 watt normal bulb) and it will not overheat the light fixture. The only downside is that you can choose from various different shapes of CFL. Some CFLs may not look ok in your existing light fixture - it's a matter of personal preference - some CFL's can "look weird" in some fixtures! If you still want to use a CFL, to get the brighter light and saving of electricity costs, you may wish to change the fixture itself so that the new CFL will look ok. Always be sure to switch off the breakers at the main panel before you attempt to do any work on any mains lighting or power circuit.


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