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The "Rock" of GibraltarGibraltar is a monolithic limestone promontory located in Gibraltar. The promotory has been hollowed out and fortified as a military defensive position controlling the Strait of Gibraltar over 2 centuries.

Gibraltar is a tiny British colony on the southernmost tip of Spain, and is mostly a huge cliff face, looking out across the narrowest part of the Mediterranean Sea. It was captured from the Spanish in 18th century, and at that time had huge strategic importance, as any shipping wishing to go out into the Atlantic Ocean from the Med (or vice versa) would have to pass within range of British cannons.

The Spanish have frequently demanded the return of sovereignty of the colony, which has equally frequently been rejected, and the people themselves have expressed the desire to remain British. Happily, the Spanish have refrained from copying the Argentinians' example in the Falklands of invading the place!

Gibraltar is home to the only wild apes to be found in Europe (the Barbary Apes), and is featured in the James Bond film ' The Livig Daylights', as the opening sequence is shot there. At the end of the chase, a Land Rover flies off the Rock and crashes into the Straits!
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Where is Gibraltar?

Gibraltar is a British colony, an overseas territory of the UK.. It's a tiny area, less than six square kilometers (2.2 sq miles). The Rock of Gibraltar itself looks over the area, standing nearly 430 meters (1,400 feet) high.. Gibraltar's location is important. It stands at the mouth of the Medit ( Full Answer )

Where is the Strait of Gibraltar?

Well, Strait of Gibraltar is the waterway connecting the Western end of the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean.. Europe is North and Africa is South of the Strait.

Where is the rock of Gibraltar located?

Gibraltar is at the southern tip of Spain, about 8 miles from North Africa. It is separated from Africa by the Straits of Gibraltar..

What is Gibraltar Is it an isthmus?

Gibraltar is neither an isthmus or a 'penninsular'... but it IS a peninsula!. Gibraltar, which is a British Overseas Territory at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula is connected to the Spanish mainland by a 1.2 km (0.75 mi) wide (roughly from east to west) isthmus much of which forms a land ( Full Answer )

How do i get from Malaga to Gibraltar?

You can either get a bus from Malaga Airport to malag bus station and then a further bus from there to La Linea, it takes around 3 hours at the cost of ten euros. You can also pick this bus up in marbella which you can get a bus to straight from malaga airport.. You can either get a bus from Malaga ( Full Answer )

Why is the Rock of Gibraltar famous?

Because a famous horse trainer in Perth Western Australia bought 2 colts by Rock Of Gibraltar.. Before this the Rock Of Gibraltar was relatively unknown and ruled by King Glenn of Two Rocks

What kind of rock is the rock of Gibraltar?

The Rock of Gibraltar is made of limestone. Predominately of Shale known as Catalan Bay Shale containing thick units of brown calcareous sandstone, soft shaly sandstone with bluish-black limestone, interlayed with greenish-grey marls and dark grey cherts

Where is the Rock of Gibraltar loctaed?

In Gibraltar, which is a British territory on the Mediterranean, and connected to Spain. It forms the point where the Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean connect.

Why is Gibraltar famous?

It is famous for the monkeys and the cable car plus the dolphins in the strait of Gibraltar. All tourist that come to Gibraltar seem to be amazed by the telephone boxes and insist on taking pictures in front of them constantly.

Is Gibraltar in Europe?

Yes, it is on a small peninsula on the southern coast of Spain. It is controlled by the United Kingdom.

Where is Gibraltar located?

The Rock of Gibraltar is located in Gibraltar, off Southwestern Spain on the Iberian Peninsula. It is only several miles from the coast of North Africa, at the entrance to the Mediterranean sea.

How did Gibraltar get its name?

Gibraltar is from the Spanish derivation of the Arabic meaning "mountain of Tariq" (Jabal Tāriq )

Is Gibraltar in Majorca?

Gibraltar is a small colony of United Kingdom in the Southern part of Spain. Majorca is an island from the Balearic Archipelago, in the Mediterranean Sea. Majorca is a Spanish island.

What is the Rock of Gibraltar and where is it located?

The Rock of Gibraltar is a limestone promontory located inGibraltar, one of the southernmost points of the Iberian Peninsula.Gibraltar is a British overseas territory, an exclave once ceded bySpain. Ironically, the closest point in Africa to Gibraltar isCeuta, a Spanish exclave in Morocco.

What is the area telephone number for Gibraltar?

Gibraltar has country code +350 From London you dial 00 350, then the full eight digit Gibraltar number. (Gibraltar lengthened its numbers from 5 to 8 digits in 2008. If you have an old five digit Gibraltar number, you can convert it to the current number by prefixing it with '200'.)

Why is the Strait of Gibraltar important?

There are 2 ways to force all shipping to go around Africa to the south. Close the Suez canal, or close the Straits of Gibraltar. If you do either one then no ship can go from the Indian Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean without going around Africa.

When is the next comet visible from Gibraltar?

How about tonight? Comet McNaught is barely visible to the naked eye in the pre-dawn skies now, but ought to be fairly easy to see with binoculars or even a small telescope. It is, according to photographs, a very distinctive shade of green. See the link below for a sky chart.

Is Gibraltar part of the UK?

Not exactly. Gibraltar is a Crown Dependency, as is the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. This means that they are able to pass their own laws and have their own currency but are still British sovereign territory so Britain is responsible for the defence of these places.

When was Strait of Gibraltar important?

The Strait of Gibraltar it is still very important to the ocean-going aquatic mammals that migrate through it twice each year.

Who ownes gibraltar?

The United Kingdom. However, there is a dispute with Spain that sovereignty should be theirs. The people of Gibraltar voted in 2002 to reject Spain's rule. Since 2006, Gibraltar has governed its own affairs, though some powers, such as defence and foreign relations, remain under UK responsibility. G ( Full Answer )

What hemisphere contains the Rock of Gibraltar?

The Rock of Gibraltar is in the Northern Hemisphere. Some people think that is is southern but that is WRONG! Northern. It's at the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean, on the Southern tip of the Iberean penninsular. (South end of Spain.). The Rock of Gibraltar is located ( Full Answer )

Do Hungarians need a visa for Gibraltar?

If a Hungarian only wishes to perform tourism in Gibraltar, they need only their passport to pass through British customs. If a Hungarian wishes to stay in Gibraltar for more than 90 days, they need specific visas.

Why does France own The Rock of Gibraltar?

Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory. It was ceded to Britain under the Terms of the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713 at the end of the war of Spanish succession. Under this treaty Spain lost most of her European empire.

Where is Gibraltar Spain?

Gibraltar is located at the southern most tip of Spain, although it is not Spanish it's actually a British Territory.

What animal lives on the Rock of Gibraltar?

There is a large colony of Barbary apes also known as the Gibraltarapes, they are actually a tailless monkey called a Barbary Macaque(Macaca Sylvanus).

Is the Rock of Gibraltar part of the Iberian peninsula?

Yes, it is the southernmost tip of the Iberian Peninsula. TheIberian Peninsula is made up of three nations: Spain, Portugal, andAndorra. And, part of France and finally the British OverseasTerritory of Gibraltar, of which the Rock of Gibraltar is part.