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What is the role of Passolink Network Managemant Terminal in microwave linking of E1 carrier system?

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What is an microwave in telecom?

The British Telecom microwave network is a network of point-to-point microwave radio links in the UK.

Does a network terminal that does not have a hard disk use an operating system?

No, The server/Mainframe has the OS for a network terminal.

What is network terminal?

A computer that is used to access data on a network

Which of the following terminals is not capable of processing data dumb terminal intelligent terminal internet terminal network computer?

Dumb Terminal

Is telnet a Terminal network or Telecommunication network?

Telnet is a terminal network that was developed in 1969 and is noit a Telecommunication network. Telnet was one of the firts internet providers providing access to most operating systems via a remote host which is on an open network so it has some security issues.

A personal computer that is connected to a network is called a what?

A terminal - or a workstation.

What is a personal computer that is connected to a network called?

A personal computer that is connected to a network is called a workstation or terminal.

When a terminal connected to a network validates a password the checking is done by who?


Why Network virtual terminal is needed in remote login?

Network Virtual Terminal, is a software version of a physical terminal and allows a user to log on to a remote host .So the application created emulation of terminal at the remote host .Users computer talks to the software terminal which in turn talks to the host & vice verse .Remote host believes it is communication with one of its own terminals and allow you to log on

What are terminal devices?

A Terminal device is a computer connects directly to a network server and does not have an independent operating system. They are also sometimes referred to as dumb terminals as they would not be able to do anything unless connected to the main network.

What has the author Robert William Beatty written?

Robert William Beatty has written: 'Microwave impedance measurements and standards' -- subject(s): Impedance (Electricity), Microwave measurements, Wave guides 'Applications of waveguide and circuit theory to the development of accurate microwave measurement methods and standards' -- subject(s): Microwave circuits, Microwave measurements, Wave guides 'Invariance of the cross ratio applied to microwave network analysis' -- subject(s): Electric network analyzers

What has the author William L Gans written?

William L Gans has written: 'Time domain automatic network analyzer for measurement of RF and microwave components' -- subject(s): Microwave measurements, Electric network analyzers

What interface does the S reference point define?

The interface between the network terminal (NT) on the user's premise and the terminal equipment (TE1) and (TE2)

What network cable is used between a terminal and a console port?

Its a rollover cable.

What is a remote terminal?

A remote terminal is a computer connected to a network, but is not physically in the same building as the rest of the computers on the network. For example, it might be a computer at the home of a business employee, connected over a secure link to their place of work.

What do you call a computer connected to a network?

A workstation or terminal. Unless it's a dumb terminal (meaning it's just peripherals) in which case it's a slave.

What is the different between data communications equipment and data terminal equipment?

Router, computer comes under Data terminal equipment and modem, network terminal comes under data communication equipment.

What is a network resource?

A network resource is an individual computer on a private network that users can connect to. It can either be a terminal server or a computer with remote desktop enabled. An example would be telecommunications media.

Explain network operating system?

An operating system which is run on server but is assessed/interacted with by a terminal.

What are the two choices for terminating network wiring in the telecommunications room?

Patch panel and punchdown terminal

What is a network computer that transmits data a user enters to a host for processing and displays the results?


What specifies the terminal servers on the private network that users are permitted to access?

resource authorization policies

Why is the computer network server is so important in computer network?

The server stores all the programs available to the users - instead of having to load each program onto every terminal, the server holds one copy - which is sent to each terminal on demand.

What are the 2 components that make up a computer network?

A computer network requires two main component actually three. First is the Systems in which the communication will take place. Second the transmission medium and mode . Third is the Topology that is to be used.

Difference between a mobile user and a nomadic user?

In nomadic use, the terminal may change but it should be stationary while it is in use. It maybe wireless network. In mobile use, the terminal can be used while moving and it might be necessary to perform handovers within the network to keep connection b/w network and mobile user.