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What is the role of Sociologist in the society?

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Sociology as a discipline attempts to answer these questions about life by using the tools of science; they have a very important role for the social outlook on the community itself.

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Foreign and local sociologist?

Foreign and local sociologist both play a very significant role in analyzing a particular society. A foreign sociologist may observe some unique behavior patterns in a society that would not be visible to a local sociologist since they are part of the society.

What is the name of the sociologist who said that GOD is society divinized?

EMILE DURKHEIM is the sociologist who said that GOD is society divinized.

Who are the local sociologist?

The local sociologist refers to a person who studies the society that is they are part of. They are able to analyze the human interactions in the society they live in.

What is the role of the sociologist?

They are a person who studies science of the origin, development, organization, and functioning of human society. Or a person who studies human relationships.

What is the difference between a sociologist and a historian?

Sociologist are social scientists that studies society and how it affects people. Historians are people who writes chronological events in the society or of people who are important in the society.

What are sociologists views on the new man?

sociologist basically sees man as a member of the society. According to sociologist a man develpos according to his society and the environment he is in.

What did sociologist criticized about us society in the 1950s?

Its Conformity

What kind of scientist studies people and society?


Why did sociologist criticize about US society in the 1950s?

The lack of variety

What sociologist was most interested in how society is divided?

Karl Marx

How do sociologist study society?

Sociologists study society by looking at the effect of institutions on the individual. A specific example would be a sociologist who looks at the ways that religion influence and shape an individual's life.

The sociologist who first described society as the survival of the fittest was?

Herbert Spencer was the first sociologist to coin that phrase, Darwin was not a sociologist, but his ideas are most certainly used for a lot of concepts in the field.

What part of ecosystems does a sociologist study?

A sociologist is a social scientist who studies the institutions and development of human society, and doesnt have anything to do with ecosystems.

What sociologist pointed out that not only do people live in society but also society lives in people?

Peter Berger

What four scientist study society?

Anthorpologist,Sociologist,Historians,and human Geographers

The sociologist who identified twelve underlying core values of American society was?

Robin Williams

Why might a sociologist study bulimia and anorexia?

They are eating disorders that impact the health of a society.

What is the role of engineers for society?

what is the role of engineers in society

In the 1940s who was the influential sociologist who developed abstract models of society to explain how the parts of society work together harmoniously?

talcott parsons

Which sociologist is correctly paired with his view of society?

Wright Mills: social problems are caused by society failing people

Role of the youth in the society?

essay on role of youth in our society

Why Study sociology to the Caribbean society?

Name the sociologist in the Caribbean who have made signicant contribution to the filed.

What high school subjects do you need to become a sociologist?

sociologist, sociologist and oh yeah sociologist.

What is the Role of environmental microbiology in the society?

what is the role of environmental microbiology in the society?

What was the role of women in a kushite society?

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